What to Know About Donating Your Hair


woman with long hair. donating your hair. Des Moines MomI have had the wonderful experience of donating my hair multiple times. It is the best feeling! I love giving my hair to people who need it. Imagine having hair loss and the confidence a wig could bring you.

Before you decide to donate your hair, I recommend doing some research. There are many different places that accept hair donations each with different missions and requirements.

Donating your hair 


Children With Hair Loss (I have donated to this in the past) – free to children with medical related hair loss, love to see hair at least 12 inches but will take a minimum of 8.

Wigs for Kids They accept 12 inches or longer, encourage 14+ inches. 

Locks of Love There is 10 inch minimum for donation.

Hair We Share You need a minimum of 12 inches to donate. 


Most organizations will accept hair length of 8 inches while a few require 14 inches. Some require that the hair has never been bleached and is a natural color but some take grey. A few places will take permed hair as well. 


You can go to any salon to have your hair cut. Your hair will be pulled back into a couple low pony tails. It is cut above the elastic, so be sure to measure before your appointment. Your stylist will send the hair with you. Then you package it up in a plastic bag and shipping envelope with your required forms. Make sure your hair is not wet when you ship it. In a few weeks, the organization will email you a certificate.

You can still donate to a hair loss organization even if you don’t have hair to give. They take monetary donations as the wig process isn’t an easy one.

Have you thought about donating your hair? 


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