Simplify Your Summer Fun With Lake Label UPF 50+ Swimwear (and a giveaway!)

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Hi, I’m Megan, a busy mom of three and the founder of Lake Label, a UPF 50+ sun protective children’s swimwear line based here in Des Moines.

babies by the lakeMy family loves to be outdoors, especially near the water. But getting three kids beach ready is not easy. I’ve spent hours chasing the shade with a newborn and lathering up my toddlers with sunscreen – only to find a red spot on their shoulder after a long day of swimming and boating.  

So, after five years of sunscreen in the eyes, reapplication tantrums, and watching all my hard work rub off into the sand and water, I knew there had to be a better way. 

Lake Label was created out of my own family’s need for swimwear that protected our children from the harmful rays of the sun without exposing them to the toxic chemicals found in sunscreens. Our swimsuits are beautifully designed to provide full-body coverage for your little one without the use of chemicals. The unique, full-length, hooded design is lightweight, breathable, and most importantly provides your child with UPF 50+ protection while still allowing them to stay cool in the hot sun.  

We’re on a mission to create beautiful and safe swimwear for families who want to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the sun. It’s my hope that our swimwear makes it a little simpler for you to load the kids up for swimming at the beach, playing at the pool, or cruising on the boat.

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About the Author

Megan is a busy mom of three who lives in West Des Moines. In her free time, you can find her in Okoboji enjoying time on the lake with her family. She also loves to travel, plan adventures with her husband and play tennis. Contact her at [email protected] or follow her on Instagram at @mluchtel.

Des Moines Mom Review

Check out Des Moines Mom contributor, Casey Manser, review of Lake Label.

“I’m in love with Lake Label’s sunsuits!”

“My ultimate goal when looking for baby swimwear is protection, practicality, and well also cuteness. The Cutie Sunsuit checks all these boxes and more.

Applying sunscreen on an infant is tedious so I love that the full-length design of the Sunsuit allows me to protect her skin from the sun without using sunscreen. I won’t have to remember to reapply or wonder if I forgot a spot.

The protection for her neck and head that the suit provides is a big bonus for me. I often worry about her scalp in the hot sun (it’s impossible to keep a hat on a baby!) But with the hooded aspect of the suit that’s no longer a concern.

Even though the suit provides UPF 50+ protection the material is super lightweight and stretchy so I know she won’t get too warm and will still be able to move easily to explore. And with the full-length covering on her legs, I’m not worried about scratches when she’s crawling.

The zipper design is a must-have to make diaper changes a breeze and makes the suit easy to put on despite that classic baby belly and chunky thighs and it’s also easy to remove- even when wet! As far as the cuteness requirement- I think the picture speaks for itself!”Lake Label Review

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