10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas in Des Moines


girl kissing mom's cheek and heart card Moms, it’s time to celebrate YOU and all you do for your families. Mother’s Day is May 14 this year. 

We asked our team what they want for Mother’s Day, because let’s be honest, moms have the best ideas! If you’re shopping for a  mom (or yourself) resist the urge to order from Amazon or run to Target at the last minute. Everything on this list is from local businesses. Feel free to send this link to your husband and/or your kids. You’re welcome! 

mothers day gift ideas des moines mom10 Des Moines Area Mother’s Day Gifts

A cozy sweatshirt from Vinyl Studio

A six-pack from Big Grove (we recommend Easy Eddy) or a bottle of wine from Jasper Winery

A Tin Silo candle. They have wood wicks and come in cement containers. 

Coffee beans from Windmill Coffee in Ames or a bottle of cold brew from Northern Vessel

Love their candles? Try Dirt Road Candle hand soap

Not sure what to buy? A gift card to Glass House Market at Canoyer Garden Center is always a good idea

A sweet coffee mug or dish towel from Doe a Deer.

Fresh flowers! Tulips are a spring-time favorite. Even better? Get her a flower subscription from Wildflower

Make reservations for brunch. It’s a win for everyone–you get to enjoy a delicious meal and no one has to do dishes. Need a recommendation? Check out some of our favorites

Permanent jewelry from Leona Ruby

What ideas would you add to the list for Mother’s Day gifts?


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