My Motherhood Trajectory Was Changed By…

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I’ve been a mother for five years. While this doesn’t place me among the ranks of “veteran” moms, I don’t identify as a “new mom” either. If a new mom approached me and asked me what one thing changed my motherhood trajectory, my answer would be: Grocery Store Pick-Up. 

Life Before Grocery Pick-Up

Can you imagine what generations of mothers ahead of us had to do? Whenever they needed an ingredient for dinner, they’d have to load up their families, drive to the store, take everyone out of their car seats, and take them INSIDE the grocery store. Once inside, they’d have to track down the items on their lists, get the kids through the checkout line, and then load everyone back up and drive home.

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

Life With Grocery Pick-Up

Now we can happily tap and add groceries to our cart on our phones, schedule a time at our convenience to pick them up, get the groceries loaded into our vehicles, and then bring them home.

We don’t have to distract our children from the rows of candy and treats. Or worry about dirty grocery cart handles. And I don’t know about you, but I’m less likely to forget something when shopping online vs. shopping in-store. Wins all around!

Grocery store pick-up not only saves us the hassle of loading/unloading everyone into their car seats (and all the mamas said AMEN) but also this service gives us valuable time back in our day. 

I’m sure someday going inside the grocery store won’t feel like running a marathon or completing a professional sport. Going inside the grocery store isn’t ALL bad, and some mamas might enjoy it! But at this point in motherhood, I value grocery store pick-up and the ease and convenience it gives me and my family.

So thank you grocery stores for offering grocery pick-up and making motherhood just a little bit easier. 

What makes your life easier as a mom? 


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