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With this being my fifth pregnancy (surprise for those who don’t know yet!), I know a thing or two about proper attire while pregnant. Because we have a large age gap between our kids, I had to build my maternity wardrobe from scratch last year.

Like most of you I am sure, I did not want to invest a ton of money into clothes I would be wearing for a very short period of time. But you do need some clothes to make it through. Pregnancy is wonderful that way… Certain pants don’t fit, and only a few outfit combinations really work.

Here is my pregnancy capsule wardrobe! And spoiler alert, most of these items aren’t actually pregnancy specific. And a lot of them can work for after pregnancy also! So we are talking true bang for your buck. Invest in a few key pieces and you will really maximize your wardrobe!

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Everyday Items

Biker Shorts & Oversized Tee

I LOVE this combo for comfort and it is just so easy to wear! Throw on a belt bag and you have a perfect park outfit. I know I don’t look super pregnant here- I am only about 17 weeks. Enough to need very stretchy pants! I prefer the 10″ length. 

Maternity Jeans

There is a lot of controversy over preference of pants having an over-the-bump panel or under the bump. These over-the-bump ones were my favorite and did not look maternity at all! It is hard to find flattering pair, honestly. (outfit below featuring an inexpensive tank as a shirt! Also, do NOT buy maternity specific outer layers that do not need to be fastened. It is a waste of your money! Wear what you have!

High Waisted Skirt

This high waisted skirt is so versatile! Tie up any tee shirt (pre pregnancy works too!) and you have a super chic outfit. Pair with sandals, booties, or sneakers, depending on season and event!


The beauty of an elastic (read: forgiving) waistband is you can really get more wear out of your closet! I wear this skirt ALL the time, pregnant or not. Just wear it above your belly and tuck your tee into it for a cute and comfy outfit! Even a pre-pregnancy tee works fine since you will wear it over your belly. Or pair with the fitted maternity tee! Also look at the difference flooring makes… (You might recognize this skirt from the capsule wardrobe post… this one does major work in my closet!). 

Everyday Leggings

Now I know you can buy pregnancy specific leggings, I just have never found the quality to be great. Either they sag or don’t cover the belly quite right. I bought these for my pregnancy with Piper and they swore they would retain their shape to continue to wear postpartum. Well, I can confirm the claims are true! I continued to wear them and you never would have known I wore them with a giant belly. The band won’t completely cover the belly at the end, but the stretchy material does pretty well staying up. The key is to get the super high rise ones! I also love these ones, which are made for pregnancy/postpartum. They are a thicker material, so more ideal in the colder months. They hold the belly in really well! Is it winter and you want to switch it up? Try these inexpensive faux leather leggings!

Basic Fitted Tee

This one is SO soft. And it’s super affordable and very flattering!

Tank top

Wear these under a top for coverage or on its own if it is warm. Super comfortable, flattering, and cheap! (Are you noticing a trend?). 

Pregnancy Workout Outfits


Again, not everything needs to be pregnancy specific to work through pregnancy! Talk about more bang for your buck. These tanks lasted me through all of my pregnancy and I still wear them. Absolutely worth the money!


OK get these. They are one of my best selling pregnancy items, and you will see why! They are so comfortable and easy to wear. 


These will work well into your second trimester! They keep their shape to work postpartum, AND are super affordable! 

Sports Bra

Ok ladies. You know that the, um, ladies, go through some changes. If you become a very unique size, try this bra! It took me a long time to find one that fit my bust/band. 



When you just want to be comfortable, these are the shorts for you!

Oversized Tee

Ok first of all, it’s less than $10. Second of all, you can’t go wrong with a cozy basic! Pair with your biker shorts or sweatshirts and mama is COMFY. I wear this regardless of the state of my lounging if I am being honest…

Random Items

If you follow me on Instagram, I have mentioned hip problems while pregnant. If you struggle with that, I highly recommend a pregnancy pillow and a hip brace. Also, Metamucil. And if you are pregnant in the summer just go ahead and buy yourself a pair of Birkenstocks. Your swelling feet will thank you. And you’re welcome.

Here’s a link nearly everything I talked about above!

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What’s in your pregnancy capsule wardrobe?

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