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house of colour des moinesDo you ever feel like you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? House of Colour Des Moines and The New Space is here to help. 

House of Colour Des Moines

House of Colour

Everyone should recognize their beauty and feel confident about the way they look. The House of Colour team wants to help you save time and money when shopping. During a consultation, you will learn your best colors and how to wear them to look fantastic every time you get dressed.

Life is too short to spend precious time wondering if what you are wearing looks good on you.

KNOW your colors and style through a fun, life-changing consult with House of Colour. Hollywood first started using color analysis when directors noticed actresses would “show up” on camera in certain colors and “fade out” in others. They used color to make their characters appear more or less influential, depending on the storyline.

You tell a story with what you wear. Make it a good one!

House of Colour is based out of the UK. Consultants use a unique, scientific process to show clients their personalized color palette. Because of the way they analyze your skin, they are extremely accurate and precise in our analysis. The service will leave you feeling fantastic and help you never buy anything you don’t LOVE again!

Other services include personal style consultations, wardrobe decluttering, personal shopping, and make-up classes.

What to expecthouse of colour apt

  • Single appointments take 1 to 2 hours. Group consultations take 2-3 hours. 
  • You will learn your colors, then we’ll talk about hair color and jewelry.
  • You’ll leave with confidence in how to shop your season, a color book to make shopping FUN and EASY.
  • Try on make-up in your season’s colors so you can see the impact of wearing lipstick in the right shade.

“Having my colors done was a life-changing experience for me,” Ally Van Iten says. “I suddenly understood why I had a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. I cleaned out my wardrobe and love everything I’ve added that is in my season.”

Personal Experience:

winter colors

I loved having my “colors done” with Ally. She is so knowledgable about color science and helped me to pinpoint why some colors made my skin look awful. On the flip, Ally was able to direct me to the colors that make my eyes light up and look their sharpest. One of my biggest takeaways has been being able to shop smarter and dress according to my color strengths. My colors will never change so the investment is a one-time thing I will have forever. –Kara Knaack


summer paletteI was familiar with the different color seasons before my appointment with Ally and thought I was an “autumn.” I was wrong! I learned that I was a “summer.” It was fascinating to see the change in how my skin and eyes looked when I was wearing different colors. Now I love being able to refer to my color wallet when I’m picking out clothes to know what colors I look best in. —Andrea Cooley

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house of colour

*post originally written in 2019 and updated in 2024. 



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