Tips for Online Thrift Shopping with Poshmark


Tips for Thrifting Online with PoshmarkHate paying full price for clothes, but don’t have the budget for name brand styles? Me too! If you’ve ever wished you could find great deals on clothes, shoes, and accessories without having to physically dig through the sale or Goodwill racks, I discovered an app to make your life easier and your closet fuller!

It’s Poshmark. The best part? You can shop on it from the comfort of your own home any hour of the day!

Poshmark is a market place where individuals can list their own items for sale (kind of like an online garage sale) and you can purchase them. All purchases and sales are tracked through the app and there is a seller rating system so you can shop with confidence that you’re going to get good quality items.

Here’s how to use Poshmark:

1. Sign Up

Download the app (or visit the website) and create an account. Check with your friends to see if they are using it. If they are, you can get a code and get $5 off your first purchase! 

2. Set Up

When you log into the app, it takes you through a set up process. Then every time you log in it takes you to the home page where you can see the main categories. Items are groups by type of item and there are even kids and maternity categories! Take a look around and see what’s there.

tips for poshmark

3. Create Preferences

It is vital that you go in and set your sizes. This way when you search for items, it will only show you things that are in your size. Score! No finding a cute pair of pants and then realizing they won’t fit.

4. Select Favorites

Another great feature of the app is that you can mark things as favorites. If you’re not ready to buy something right now, marking an item as a favorite allows you to find it later and you’ll also get notified via email if the seller marks it down in price! 

5. Bundle and Save

There are also features where you can bundle items from the same seller and pay one flat shipping fee or submit an offer on an item and barter with the seller. Some sellers also offer a discount on bundled items.

Here are a few items I’ve purchased from Poshmark. You can see you really can get good stuff!

I recently purchased a utility jacket (which I shared in my fall wardrobe essentials) off of Poshmark. In this outfit the brown beaded necklace is also a Poshmark find (which I added on through a bundle from a seller to get a discount on a purchase). AND my Coach bag is also a Poshmark find. If you want designer handbags but don’t want to pay full price, you can find some great ones on there, too!

In this outfit, the skirt and the clutch are both Poshmark finds. The skirt is from J. Crew!

Do you remember a year or so ago when when Lilly Pulitzer had a collaboration with Target and everyone went crazy selling things on eBay for way over price? Well, the demand has cooled down and I was able to find this Lilly for Target dress for a great price and wear it on our vacation to Mexico this past summer. 

All in all I’ve had really good luck with Poshmark. Have I had a couple dud experiences? Sure. Once I got a pair of pants that were stained, but by submitting photos to Poshmark I was able to send them back to the seller and get my money refunded.


Have you tried Poshmark? If not, what’s holding you back! Give it a try!


tips for poshmark

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