Plus-Size Appreciation Day


Today is National Plus Size Appreciation Day. I’m a sucker for a made-up holiday, and this one makes a lot of sense in my life right now.

I tend to experience fairly significant weight fluctuations. For years I worked hard to keep my body in a weight range that allowed me to squeeze into the largest sizes in the regular women’s clothing department. Allowing myself to meander into the plus-sized section made me like a failure. 

As I work at being more accepting of myself and my body, I have discovered that shopping in the plus-sized section online and in-store has been extremely freeing. When my clothes fit well and flatter my body it provides the confidence I need to live a full life. 

My Favorite Plus-Size Clothing Options

In honor of this day, here are a few of my favorite places to buy quality plus-sized clothing that makes me feel like celebrating. 

Madewell Plus

Madewell Plus is hands down my favorite place to shop for plus-sized clothing. While Madell has always had some extended sizes they recently updated their size range and created a section of their website exclusively for their newest collection. 

Their clothes are cut so well and made from extremely high-quality materials. Of course, this quality is reflected in the price. Thankfully, their clothes go on sale quite often, and it’s also easy to find Madwell Plus pieces on Poshmark and other clothing thrift websites. 

Athleta Plus

Athleta is so much more than athleisure. They have great jackets and pants that are great for work and going out. Athleta Plus has a lot of fun color options that give those of us wearing plus-sized clothes a lot of options beyond basic black and gray. 

Once again, Athleta Plus is well-made, high-quality clothing that tends toward the spendy side. I have had less luck finding sales at this store so I only have a few pieces from Athleta Plus but they are well worth the investment. 

Old Navy Plus

I’ve always liked Old Navy Plus and it’s hard not to love the fact that they no longer sort their clothes into regular and plus. With their recent changes, customers can shop by style, not size. This means plus-sized shoppers have access to more styles and colors. Old Navy is also well priced and of decent quality. 

Target Plus

To be honest, I do most of my clothes shopping at Target. Their plus-sized section is smaller and their quality is hit or miss based on brands, but their prices are great. It’s so easy to grab a cozy sweater while picking up a few grocery staples in a one-stop shop. 

Where are your favorite places to shop for plus-sized clothing? 

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