What I’m Loving, Reading, Watching, and Wearing


what i'm loving des moines momCan you feel spring coming?! I am ready for nice weather! Here’s what I’m currently crushing on. Anything linkable can be found on my website or LTK.


All things BRIGHT.

I think the winter gloom finally got to me so I need some happy colors in my life! (See more in the wearing section). Also, organization. The new year hit me hard and I can’t stop going through my house and making spaces make more sense. First up was my kitchen baggie drawer. I bought a few organizational systems and they have made the space so much cleaner and better used. I love this SpaceAid brand. Lots of customizable options for any drawer size! 

Isn’t it beautiful!

Next up is my game cabinet which has been revolutionary! And my kids are playing even more games than usual because they can actually see them all. I can’t wait to share. (Follow along on instagram to see the reveal). 

My other favorite is the light therapy mask Dustin got me for Christmas. This year my focus is on my skin.- I have a lot of acne scars and discoloration thanks to lovely teenage and adult acne, but the spa prices for repair made me nearly run out of there. I was a super skeptic (how can light fix skin?!). I am not from the south, but YA’LL! I have been fairly consistent using the mask and there’s a visible difference after each treatment. 


I’m not a big fiction reader. Mostly because I have six kids and a very full life, so anything I read has to be purposeful. Here is what is currently on my nightstand and I am working through verrrry slowly:

I am overwhelmed just looking at it… not a lot of progress is being made in my current season, yet I keep buying more! We are also tip-toeing into the sex talk with the big kids (ages almost 10, 8, almost 8, and 6). We have been using this book series to introduce the topic with age-appropriate language to not make the conversation uncomfortable but more factual. I highly recommend it so far! Also, I have been reading the porn-proofing book with each kid one on one (on kid #3!). I want to educate well and have the kids hear the correct information from me first. 


This is where I fail… I am not a huge TV watcher! When I have the time or desire, I do love Yellowstone. If I ever turn the tv on, usually I am watching reruns of Friends or the Office. You just can’t do comedy like they used to!


Now THIS is where I am excited! After being pregnant for basically two years (hello back to back babies 5 & 6!) I splurged a bit on some fun new items for my closet after Ford was born in October. You can shop all my recent items on my LTK or scroll for some of my favorite outfits as of late.

My favorite is the ringer tee- a perfect-fitting basic tee with a stripe around the collar for a little edge! 

What is on your current love list? Comment below! 

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