The Magic of Big Kids

big kids
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I remember laying in the hospital shortly after the birth of my firstborn and hearing so many people telling me to “really soak it in, it just goes by so fast!”

As I lay there in my hospital gown, swollen, sore, and numb from the waist down, I remember thinking I wouldn’t mind fast-forwarding a bit to when I was a bit more mobile. Hearing this newborn time is fleeting only added a layer of pressure, and left me with a sense of gloom and doom for all that was ahead. 

While the sweetness of newborn snuggles is one of the very best things in life, I wish someone had leaned in and spoken these words to me, “Yes, this time passes quickly, but there is magic ahead.” 

Big Kids

Nobody told me how fun it is to take your child to the store when you can trust them to walk alongside the cart. They chatter about their day and are a little companion as you go about your daily errands.

Nobody told me the excitement found when your child discovers an interest that captivates them. It is so fun to watch as they eagerly and wholeheartedly pursue a passion. 

Nobody told me how wonderful it is when your child wakes up (after sleeping all night in his own bed!) and lumbers downstairs, curling up on the couch with you as he wakes up. You hug them and get a scratchy-voiced “good morning” in return. 

Nobody told me about the joy that comes when you watch your child master a skill they were previously unable to do. You see the struggles as they work, and the improvements and progress firsthand.

Each age and stage of parenting has its unique challenges, but there are beautiful, great things about each as well. Although my firstborn is only 5, I know excitement is ahead. I anticipate late nights watching him at sporting events. I look forward to years of elementary music programs, and the joy of hearing him and his friends hang out in our home. I’m excited to see him learn how to read and to watch him slip a corsage on the wrist of his prom date. 

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Every stage has excitement, and yes let’s soak it up. But, let’s soak it up in peace, knowing there is magic ahead of us, too.

What’s your favorite season of parenting?


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