Meet Keshia Nashleanas


family photo KeshiaHi moms! I am very excited to be joining the Des Moines Mom team. I grew up in a small town, LeMars, the ice cream capital of the world. My husband and I are high school sweethearts, and both attended Morningside College where I studied elementary and special education.

Right out of college we got married and moved to Iowa City. This is where I began my teaching career, and my husband attended dental school.  Making a move five hours from home was challenging for me. I am the middle child of five girls, and we are very close.  Adjusting to a big girl job, a new city, and married life was a lot. I took this time to focus on my new job and began studying for my master’s degree. In our spare time, my husband and I loved exploring the new city and finding the best restaurants.

In the last year of dental school, we had our first child, Nolan. I knew we would be moving soon so I did not sign another teaching contract. Nolan and I explored all the baby activities Iowa City had to offer.

After working so hard for four years, my husband got the exciting news that he was accepted into a residency program. We stayed in Iowa City for another two years. This is when I began following Iowa City Moms. With no family around, this was a great way for me to connect with other moms.

With our final months in Iowa City winding down, we found out we were expecting twins! We were elated! We visited many cities and after my husband got a great job offer, we decided we’d call Des Moines our home. Pregnant with twins and with a little running around, I began packing. The end of our lease came before my husband was finished with his residency. So, little Nolan, my big belly, and I moved into our new home. Months later my husband joined and soon after, the twins were born! Colby and Liam made an early appearance but were healthy.

I had 3 adorable boys under 2 and knew I needed a mom squad and quick! I used Des Moines Moms as a great resource to find and meet other moms.  I never thought I’d be a stay-at-home mom, but I love every minute of it. Even the moments when I step on Legos in the kitchen or find army men in my bed! I hope to share many joyous moments with you as well as the struggles that motherhood may bring.


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