I Don’t Want To Forget These Moments


I don't want to forget these moments as a momBeing a mom is the most rewarding job I have been given. And the most difficult. There are moments every day that test my patience. And in that same span of time, memories I never want to forget. Motherhood is tough but worth every sleepless night.

I sit down to remember all of the moments that I don’t want to forget from raising them so far. The time goes slowly until it has flown past you.

-The splashes in the bathtub as the bubbles multiply.

-Sneaking the chocolate bar while mom goes to the bathroom.

-The messy living room with toys and stuffed animals covering the floor.

-Learning to pump on the swing in the backyard.

-Washing the car with hand soap because “I’m washing it with my hands! Duh!”

-Long nights in the NICU after premature births

-Fear and anxiety as they battle RSV in the hospital

-Snuggles on the couch when they wake up in the morning

-Vacation Bible School and pure bliss dancing to the music

-Family road trips as we go on new adventures

-Dinosaur bathrobe wrestling

-First Day of School excitement

-ER visit when they shove a plastic bead up their nose

-Christmas lights twinkling and listening to the little voices singing their favorite songs

So many tiny moments I don’t want to forget because as the days seem long the years are going quickly. I love being a mom and never thought I would miss the younger years. Those years were tough, and the days seemed to never end. Now I wish I could go back and hold them in the recliner a little longer. Read that extra book as they drift off to sleep. I don’t want to forget the hard times because it makes the sweet moments even more special.


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