My Favorite Specialty Food Retailers


favorite specialty food retailersWho loves grocery shopping? I know there has to be someone raising their hand with me – right? As a Registered Dietitian, I’m a total foodie and I love perusing the aisles of a grocery store by myself. But, I’m also a parent, and that means I don’t always get time to go to the grocery store and take as much time as I want. So, we order groceries a lot, and choose either delivery or pickup depending on our schedule. It’s one thing that has made things easier for us. Additionally, we take advantage of shopping online for specialty or favorite items. I love to share with others, in hopes that you can find something new that helps you as well. Check out some of my favorite websites and favorite brands below!

WholeLotta Good

Created in the past couple of years, WholeLotta Good features products that are approved by Registered Dietitians. I love ordering through this website because they have trendy items, and some are definitely less expensive than what you find in the grocery store.

  • Poppi​: Poppi is a can full of fun bubbles! Plus, it’s good for your gut due to the prebiotics and probiotics. I love the flavors they provide as an alternative option to pop or soda.
  • Quinn Foods: I love this brand. I found their popcorn first, and then their pretzel nuggets which are truly addicting. Full transparency – I bought a bag of the peanut butter filled nuggets for my family to share, and I definitely ate more of it before anyone else got a chance!
  • Hippeas: “Chips just got hip” is their motto – another one of my favorites! Have you tried them? Hippeas are made from chickpeas and yellow peas, providing you plant-based protein, fiber, and lots of flavor.


Vitacost offers many wellness brands at a reduced cost, which works well for my budget.

  • Pascha: “Less is More” is one of Pascha’s mantras. Their bars, baking chips and chunks, and cocoa powder are all free of all nine major allergens. Stock up for your pantry!
  • King Arthur Baking Company: King Arther is one of the best brands when it comes to baking. It’s my go-to when I am staring at the shelf of flour in the grocery store, and it always delivers a great outcome of what I’ve opted to create in the kitchen.
  • Frontier Co-Op: Frontier Co-Op actually began in Iowa in 1970, as they sold spices and herbs at a small riverside cabin. I recently tried their pure vanilla extract, and I love their ground cinnamon.

Thrive Market

I am a Thrive Market girl at heart! The Thrive Market app is so easy to use and they have such a variety of items  – some that I order on repeat, or some new and trendy items. They constantly have some sort of deal associated with your previous purchases, and I especially love their Thrive Gives: every annual membership purchased sponsors a free membership for a family in need.

  • Acure: While I was pregnant with toddler, I really became aware of what products I was using on my skin, hair, and face. I fell in love with Acure and buy most of my products from Thrive Market. My favorite product is the Ultra Hydrating 12 Hour Moisturizer, because, kids.
  • Four Sigmatic: Also, because kids – coffee! As a company that focuses on creating adaptogenic products that support your mental performance and wellbeing, I like to try their products every once in a while. Four Sigmatic has really evolved since they started, but I love how they offer a lot of options – including easy ways to travel with said coffee!
  • Serenity Kids: We usually save bars and pouches for on-the-go or traveling, but Serenity Kids offers some great add-ins for lunches, picnics, snacks, or even to combine with another meal. 

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I tend to use my favorite retailers and products because I am familiar with them. Let us know what your favorites are so we can try new things!


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