New Mom Postpartum Support Groups in Des Moines, IA

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I remember feeling so isolated after the birth of my first son. I was a fifth-grade teacher who was used to being surrounded by lots of people and noise every day. After my son was born in December, we rarely left home. It was a major change in my life. It was just me, him, and the Today Show. I was so lonely! I needed a support group but didn’t know where to find one. 

Being together with other new moms is a great way to socialize and gain support from other women who are experiencing many of the same things you are. It’s also a great way for you to offer support for other new moms as they are finding their confidence too! 

What to Expect at a Support Group

For almost all support groups, you can simply show up with your baby. Most new moms groups offer support for moms with babies up to one year of age (some longer). Many groups use floor space but you can ask for a chair if that’s easier for you. Dress comfy! There are no expectations for you to be “put together”. 

The leader may have everyone introduce themselves and their babies, but that’s about as formal as the groups get. If your baby is fussy, no worries! If your baby is hungry, no worries. 

If you are in a group for something specific, like lactation, you do not necessarily need to have any concerns in that area. You are welcome to attend even if everything is going well. 

To the best of my knowledge, there is no fee to attend any of the groups on this list. 

Group Listings

New Mom’s Support Group in Waukee | 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month, 10am, Waukee Wellness & Chiropractic, led by The Iowa Baby Lady and Blessed Births and Beyond

In-Person Postpartum Group | Varied Tuesdays, 9-10:30am, Clive Library, Led by Before and After the Birth

Breastfeeding Support Group | Mondays, 1pm, Integrative Family Medicine in Ankeny, Led by Latch Ia

Latch & Bloom Chiropractic Breastfeeding Support Group | Varied, West Des Moines, Led by Latch & Bloom Chiropractic

Chocolate Milk Cafe | Peer-to-peer support group for families who are part of the Black/African Diaspora providing human milk to their young.

Mommy Matters: Breastfeeding Support Group | Tuesdays 3 PM to 4:30 PM  Broadlawns Sands Building, Third Floor (Family Birthing Center) Conference Room

Updated 3/4/2024

What other postpartum support groups are you involved in? 

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Katie Nyberg
I am married to my high school sweetheart, Wes, and we have two energetic boys who are active in hockey, cross country, choirs, bands, and track. Our family loves to explore Des Moines, travel around the country, and do anything sports related together! I own a birth and postpartum doula agency called The Iowa Baby Ladies that supports families in Central Iowa. We love serving mothers in our area as they grow, birth, and mother their babies with confidence!


  1. I was searching for more postpartum support groups in the area and found this great article! Thank you!
    I own Latch and run the support groups at Bloom Chiropractic the first Tuesday of every month at 12p-1 and Balance Chiropractic Ankeny the first Thursday of every month 12p-1p. The support groups at Integrative family medicine are no longer on the roster unfortunately.


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