Our Favorite Kitchen Appliances


blender, wafflemaker, coffee pot. Favorite kitchen appliances. Des Moines MomKitchen storage space is precious. There are so many small appliances and gadgets on the market that promise convenience. Or that they will make your life easier. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you really want/need. I have limited counter space in my kitchen, so when choosing appliances, I have to be very intentional. That said, I definitely have some favorite kitchen appliances. 

You may have asked yourself the question, “Do we REALLY need that new xyz?” These are the kitchen appliances and gadgets that have gotten the most use and value for our money. I don’t hesitate to recommend them! 

Favorite Kitchen Appliances

Air Fryer

We waited a long time to purchase anything like this. The Instant Pot came out and I was very intrigued- but again asked myself if I need another thing to clutter up my cupboard or countertop space. So we missed out on the Instant Pot craze. Then came the air fryer. We purchased one in the summer of 2021 and it is hands down one of our most used kitchen appliances. We use it multiple times a week. For pizza rolls- trust me on this- super crispy and you don’t have to turn on your oven! And veggies- so good! Event sweet treats- yes, we put 1 pound of cookie dough in the air fryer and it was delicious! And we’ve now become THAT person who shares all the things they make in the air fryer to anyone who will listen! 


Ok, this might seem a little silly but trust me. It’s key to making at-home coffee a Starbucks-like experience with frothed milk or creamer on top! We also use it to make hot chocolate and other things that need mixed! Bonus- it’s small. You can get one for pretty cheap at lots of stores or online.

Kitchen Aid Mixer

My husband won a kitchen aid mixer at his work holiday party several years ago. We debated keeping it because it was just us two and how much cooking/baking were we going to do?! But we kept it and would use it occasionally. It wasn’t until we had kids that we started using it more. Now that I’ve had it for several years- I believe it is a kitchen staple for everyone! Not only does it come in handy for all your baking needs but it shreds chicken and has attachments you can use- our favorite is the pasta attachment for fresh, homemade pasta! 


If you’re a coffee drinker, I highly recommend a coffee/espresso machine. It’s a must if you like coffee/espresso. It saves your budget from stopping at Starbucks letting you can make yummy drinks at home! We have a Nespresso and it kicked the Keurig I had out of the water. I also love that you can recycle the pods! Get yourself a fun mug, that frother I mentioned above, and you’ll be a natural barista.

If you’ve been debating if you REALLY need the newest kitchen appliance maybe this list will help you choose. These are our tried and trues. I am more than happy to accommodate some storage space for them! 

What’s YOUR favorite kitchen appliance! I’d love to hear! 


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