Why You Should Organize Your Kitchen

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I don’t really make goals for the New Year. Instead, I try to consistently make improvements or changes where I feel like they should be, which also helps me create realistic expectations for my life. One of the improvements I am currently working on is staying organized. 

In my twenties, I loved having a weekend night at home to relax, pour myself a glass of wine, and organize my kitchen. Now in my late thirties, I really love having a relaxing night with a glass of wine and organizing my kitchen. However, I don’t have as much time as I used to, and it seems like there is just a lot more stuff around our house. Does anyone else feel that way?

Get Organized

Life can be messy. Kids can be messy. Finding the rhythm that truly works for you is beneficial, and I believe sometimes the overwhelming pieces truly don’t take as much time as we think.

Having a kitchen that works in our favor is huge. We eat 99% of our meals together as a family. Setting ourselves up for success is crucial, and making small changes creates a big impact. 

As a Registered Dietitian, when I consult with clients, of course, we talk a lot about food. But, do you know what else we talk about? Stress, sleep, exercise, family support, home environment, and more.

When you open up your pantry and refrigerator, can you see what is in there? When you meal plan, do you look through your cupboards to see what items you already have, so you aren’t buying something you already have? Does thinking about this give you anxiety?

My Favorite Kitchen Organizers

As I’ve started to walk through what works best for us at home, I’m sharing some of the favorite items we have purchased to help keep us more organized in our kitchen:

Stasher bags: As a warning, Stasher bags can be expensive, but worth it. There are some knock-off brands that you can purchase, but I recommend having containers that are clear so you can see what is in your fridge when you open it up. I love to prepare veggies and have them cut up in the bags already so it makes dinner or any mealtime easier. 

Spice rack: When my spice rack is organized, I organize in alphabetical order and by size. I like this one because it is aesthetically pleasing and you can fit a lot of spices there. If you have a smaller cupboard, look for adjustable racks.

Refrigerator Organization Bins: I recently bought a collection from Costco that we keep produce in, and I also got separators for our cheese drawer, which has been a game-changer! Before you start using these, do yourself a favor – clean out your refrigerator! This means taking everything out, wiping it down, and maybe even bring in a vacuum to get those crumbs out. A clean fridge makes everything better.

Water bottle containers: I hope we aren’t the only family that has 1,000 water bottles, or to-go coffee mugs in their cupboard. As much as I try to keep them organized, they just don’t stay that way. I just ordered these and I am super excited to have a better look when I open a cupboard. Plus, it will help us determine what we really use, so we can ditch the rest.

Pantry bins: I never understood the power of pantry bins. Once we purchased these, it allowed us to keep like items together, and also see what we have, because we know where the item should be. I’m in the process of talking my husband into re-doing our pantry, but even if we don’t, I will never go back to just putting items on the shelves.

Bamboo silverware holder: We have something very similar to this and have had it for almost 7 years. They hold up well and keep things organized. 

Plastic bag organizer: As I mentioned, we use a lot of silicone bags, and try to reduce the amount of paper and plastic we go through. With that, it is still nice to have some things on hand. I recently bought one of these and love it. Even though I don’t use them much, it helps reduce the amount of rolls or boxes I have in a drawer. If you store them in a drawer, make sure to measure it to ensure the organizers will fit.

This is all a learning process, and I know I will continue to find more items that make organizing easier. Now, excuse me while I go relax (hopefully), pour myself a glass of wine, and clean out my refrigerator. 

What tips do you have for organizing your kitchen? 

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