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Do you ever look around and ask yourself who is the adult in the room?

There isn’t a rule book for being an adult but there are plenty of resources to make adulting easier. At Des Moines Mom our goal is to encourage and inform moms to be the best they can be. There are parts of being an adult that are no fun (paying taxes!) and other parts that are pretty great (coffee and ownership of the remote). 

We partnered with The Law Shop by Skogerson and McGinn LLC to share first-hand experiences and helpful information for important life decisions you have to make as an adult.

From things you wish you’d known and why having an estate plan matters to things to consider before buying a house and writing a will our goal is to help you feel a little more confident as an adult.

estate planning with the law shop

Estate Planning 101

Learn what you need to do now to plan for the future.

Real Estate + Home Buying

Iowa has some unique laws when it comes to buying property. 

girl sitting looking through bars. adulting

Things I Wish I’d Known

Just because you turn 18 doesn’t mean you have life figured out. 

Kara Knaack family - You need a will

You Need a Will

Here’s what I learned when I drafted a will for my family. 

kids and woman sitting on front steps of home

So You Want to Buy a House

It’s the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Here’s what to know. 

The Law Shop by Skogerson McGinn LLC offers clients a wide range of customized legal services in family law, divorce and mediation, estate planning, guardianship, criminal, real estate, and adoption services. They can customize a plan for your case. It’s not all or nothing. They work with you to figure out a plan that fits your specific needs. This lets them help clients control their legal costs.

When a client first meets with The Law Shop they do an evaluation of their legal needs, share their general legal perspective on it, and then customize a plan. Their goal is to give more of the population access to the justice system.


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