A Letter to Myself


Dear Mary of February 2020,

This is going to sound crazy. But I swear it’s the truth. I’m you, but writing from May, 2020. Stick with me. I have to tell you some things you NEED to hear. 

Let me start with the good news. Dress code at work is going to change dramatically, as in sweatpants are OK every day. All Day. Sounds great, huh? OK. I’ll continue. 

In a few weeks, you are going to cancel your spring break trip and that will make you really sad. Trust me, you made the right choice. The Coronavirus that everybody is talking about. Yes, the one in China. Well, we call it COVID-19 now, and everybody is talking about it. And when I say everybody, I mean every channel, every email, every commercial, every facebook ad, and every email. Seriously. So. Many. Emails!

Many of us are working from home. A lot of us. All over the country. This virus has shut the country down unless you are an essential worker. It’s scary. But there is good news too. You’re still healthy. Your family is healthy, and you haven’t had to put on makeup for months. Your pores look great! 

And something else you should know. Schools are closed. Yeah. Kids never went back after Spring Break. At first it was a two-week delay, then another month, then it was called the rest of the year. Since you work in education, you had a feeling it was coming, but when it becomes real, it’s going to hit you. Not only for your own family, but all the families in your district. I know it upsets you, but hear this, “You’ve got this” You and educators all over the metro are going to work to form plans about how to feed, teach, and take care of all the kids who are home every day. And how are you going to accomplish this task? ZOOM!

Wait, you haven’t heard of Zoom yet? Well mama, you should probably go ahead and download it now. And get the paid version. Trust me on this… 

While I’ve got your attention, a couple more words of advice. 

Make a Costco run. TODAY. Get extra toilet paper and as much wine as you can fit in the cart. Thank me later.

Also, Tiger King. It’ll be on Netflix soon. Add it to your watch list and put a couple bottles of wine in the fridge.  

I know this can sound like a lot to take in, but it is going to be OK. This too shall pass. I’m not sure when just yet. But I know that it will. 

At least until the wine runs out.


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