Tips for Going to IKEA


ikea tipsMy family and I headed out for a quick trip to Kansas City before school starts and we had to hit up Ikea while we were there. We LOVE navigating all the displays and rooms that are set up. 

Tips for Shopping at IKEA

First off, we always bring our own reusable bags that we bought from IKEA. The large blue ones that are .99 – hands down the best for packing for a trip with kids. We use them for IKEA, as well as the beach, laundry, and they have carried us through multiple moves.

Before you make your own trip make sure to sign up for an IKEA family account – you get a free hot drink upon your visit. 

Favorite Finds

We were in search of the following things we thought were great deals to grab while we were there. 

  • Towels and rugs are hands down some of the most affordable items compared to most other retailers. 
  • This 9.99 Wooden train set, was a HUGE hit with my 4-year-old. You can add a motorized car as well to this set. 
  • We snagged the metal pot and pan set for play kitchens. My kids have played with these not stop since we got them. They look just like the real thing!
  • Pillow covers and inserts were out of stock on almost all of these in-store BUT you could find them online and easily switch out covers and inserts for under $15 a pillow. 
  • Sounds silly but we load up on plastic disposable sandwich bags. They have a LOT of different sizes perfect for school lunches and they are cheap!
  • IKEA has added a lot of different and affordable duvet and children’s bedding prints that were bright and could be gender-neutral.

IKEA seems to have done away with the papers and pencils to write down aisle and bin numbers for items in the warehouse. We just snapped a quick picture of those larger items we wanted to check out. At the checkouts, we always grab a few of the dark chocolate bars and check out the discontinued items they keep up at the front that are discounted. 

What are your must-haves when visiting IKEA?


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