The Way to My Heart


the way to my heartFebruary is the month of love and all around I’m seeing hearts, pink and red, and ways to make the month special for the ones we love.

Our celebration of Valentine’s Day has changed over the course of three kids, and it isn’t a super special occasion for us. I do like to make it extra special for the kids but again, it’s mostly a holiday we use to celebrate them.

This year, I thought with all the things moms are taking on in a middle of a pandemic, why not have some fun and create a list of all the ways to my heart. (On Valentine’s Day and otherwise) I’ve found that it really is the most simple of things that make a big impact.

Maybe you can gain some inspiration from this list and not so subtly share it with your significant other. We deserve some chocolates and roses, especially this year! Or treat a friend in your life, again a little something goes a long way!

The Way to My Heart

Bring me my favorite Starbucks drink

A bouquet of flowers from a DSM business- Wildflower

Wake up before me and get breakfast ready for the kids- with a hot mug of coffee for me.

Plan dinner and execute- cleaning up while you go

Or just feed me tacos and guacamole and I’d be happy!

And then do the dishes

And maybe a load of laundry while you’re at it?

Keep the kids occupied while I do a deep cleaning of the house.

When boxes from amazon or otherwise come, don’t question it.

When two boxes come in the same day, really don’t question it.

Forgive me when I’m short or irritated or go on a rant about how I’m the only one who notices messes around here

Go along with my project ideas. Sitting in this house for almost a year has been kind of like if you give a mouse a cookie, one project always inspires another.

Be there to laugh with me, because otherwise, we might cry.

At the end of the day, let out a big exhale with me and binge-watch Netflix because we made it another day, another holiday in this wild world we’re living in right now.

So, those are the ways to my heart this Valentine’s Day.

Tell me, what are the ways to your heart?!


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