Summer Boredom Busters + Bucket List


kids playing with water outside. boredom busters. Des Moines MomDo you go into summer with a plan, or do you just cross your fingers and wish for the best? I am somewhere in between. I’m excited for lazier days, not rushing out of the house every morning, and to be able to just relax and enjoy each other more!

But I am not excited for the inevitable boredom and whining from the kids. Because of that and because this isn’t my first summer rodeo, I have compiled a fun list of things you and your kids will look forward to, as well as a list of idea to give the kids to avoid the whole “I’m bored” comments. Download the list here. 

Hitting the boredom bug? Here is a huge list you can give to the kids (or designate if they’re younger). 



Inside Activities

Outside Activities

Read a book


Read a book to your siblings


Write a letter to a friend or family member

Create an obstacle course

Play make believe (veterinarian, library, police…)

Go for a bike ride

Organize your room

Go on a nature walk (or just explore your yard!)

Fashion show

Play a sport

Have a photo shoot



Pull weeds

Build a birdhouse

Lemonade stand

Learn a skill (art tutorial on YouTube, learn a language)

Climb trees

Learn music (download an app, some don’t require owning an instrument)

Flashlight tag

Play dress up

Regular tag

Floor is lava obstacle course

Set up a camp/tent

Play a board game

Paint with water on the driveway

Create a book of your own

Play in the sprinklers

Coloring books

Wash the cars


Paint rocks

Make a fort

Make a scavenger hunt for your siblings or neighbor friends

FaceTime faraway loved ones

Have a relay race

Talent show with siblings and friends

Squirt gun fight

Do a chore unprompted

Take the dog on a walk

Bless someone (random act of kindness)

Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog (go one step further and start a business! Create a flyer)

Make a recipe for the family

Sell popsicles

Camp out in one room for the day

Draw your surroundings

Create an indoor ice cream shop (with menus and everything!) and sell to your family. Bonus to make your own ice cream!

Draw the clouds and turn into an object

Draw your own magazine of something that interests you (clothing, animals, puzzles)

Take pictures of nature

Read a book in the craziest location (closet, on the washing machine, under a table, in a cabinet, etc) Read a book in the craziest locations (in a tree, in a truck bed, back to back with a friend, etc)
Indoor picnic Make s’mores 
Play store Have a picnic


What other summer boredom busters are on your list? Do you have activities your kids look forward to each summer? Share below and inspire others!

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Pro tip: If they keep saying they are bored, I give my kids chores. They stop saying that really quick… 


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