Skate Parks in Des Moines


SKATE PARKS DES MOINESDid you know that Des Moines is the home to one of the largest skateboard parks in the nation? Lauridsen Skatepark is located on the north side of the downtown riverwalk. It boasts an Olympic-quality skate experience for skateboards at all levels. But don’t stop there, many neighborhoods have skate parks.

Des Moines Skate Parks + Map

Lauridsen Skatepark: 901 2nd Ave, Des Moines

Four Mile Skatepark: 3711 Easton Boulevard, Des Moines

American Legion Skatepark: 301 Vine St, West Des Moines

Crossroads Skatepark: 5205 Ashworth Road, West Des Moines 

Walker Johnson Skatepark: 9000 Douglas Avenue Urbandale

Grimes Skatepark: 750 S James St, Grimes

Altoona Skatepark: 1000 Venbury Drive, Altoona

Prairie Ridge Skatepark: 1400 NW Prairie Ridge Drive, Ankeny

Indianola Skatepark: North G Street, West Euclid Avenue, Indianola

Skateboarding Tips

If you and your kids plan to hit the skatepark this spring and summer make sure you have a good quality skateboard. It really does make a difference! Make sure your little skater is protected with a tight-fitting helmet, knee, elbow, and wrist pads.

There are a few local skateboard shops in the metro, allowing you to support local businesses while you get your kids decked out for summer. The Dark Slide skate shop is located in Merle Hay Mall and is a favorite. Subsect Skateshop is located on Walnut Street in Des Moines and has a great selection of products. 

Are there any skate parks we missed?


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