STEAM in Early Childhood Education  

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STEAM at Goddard SchoolMost of us would agree that our world needs more problem solvers, but how do we create them?

The answer is STEAM activities. 

STEAM activitiesWhat are STEAM activities? 

STEAM activities, which include science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, provide children with hands-on opportunities to learn problem-solving skills while exercising their creative and critical thinking skills. STEAM activities are an integral part of the early childhood education experience. They give children a better understanding of their world and help them relate better to it.   

Studies show that providing STEAM activities during early childhood is key for establishing an ideal educational trajectory. For children, play-based learning is the perfect platform for STEAM concepts since it allows for fun exploration.  

STEAM activitiesAccording to, “Success in learning requires the learner to be at the center of the experience, making connections across disciplines and contextual settings.” 

The approach that STEAM learning takes supports this idea. It allows for children to process information in ways that are appealing to both individual and collaborative learners. In addition, children who are offered investigative opportunities to learn are more likely to become involved, take risks, and retain information.   

No matter what type of learner your children are, introducing these concepts early on will help put them on the path to becoming successful problem solvers.  

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