4 Signs Your Child Needs Tutoring

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Is your child struggling in school? It might be time to consider tutoring. The Little White Schoolhouse in Ankeny offers a variety of services ranging from individual tutoring, jump-start clinics, day camps, and much more!

Signs It’s Time to Consider Tutoring for Your Child

1. Classroom grades are slipping

Tutoring is most effective when you can catch students at the beginning signs of struggle. The Little White Schoolhouse recommends getting students support when they are scoring at the borderline level for their grades. For younger students, that would be a grade of Progressing (P.). For older students that would be an average of a C for their course work. 

2. District benchmark scores low

All Iowa students are assessed three times a year to ensure student growth is happening. The Little White Schoolhouse recommends tutoring for your students if they are below benchmark. This means they are currently not at their grade level. They also recommend tutoring if your child is just at the benchmark levels. The score rises as the year gets harder, and we want to support your child in making that growth. 

3. Poor behaviors or school avoidance 

Children often know before anyone else that they are struggling with school. They often show this frustration by acting out behaviorly. If your child is showing an increase of poor behavior, or a decreased desire to go to school, they likely need extra help. The Little White Schoolhouse recommends tutoring to help these students address their struggles and make school a positive experience again. 

4. Struggles with confidence or mental health

The pace and pressure of education today is higher than ever. This means many students struggle with confidence or mental health disorders. Tutoring is often a key in helping your child feel proud about themselves. The Little White Schoolhouse knows all children are smart, and they all can learn. Sometimes, it just takes extra learning support to get students to see their abilities within themselves. 

What Makes The Little White Schoolhouse Different? 

  • All tutors are FULLY LICENSED teachers. 
  • The Little White Schoolhouse matches students with a teacher who fits their academic, mental, and social needs. 
  • All tutoring is 100% designed for each student. 
  • They work with all levels of students, including GT, 504, and IEP plans. 
  • They assess students and tutor them in the areas where they need support. 

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