Show and Tell Items


preschooler at table. show and tell ideas. des moines momIf you are like me, you are racing out the door to school and remember it is show and tell day. Quick! Grab something. I have learned to set a reminder in my phone to avoid moments like these. 

If your kid must bring something that begins with the letter for that week and you are out of ideas I’ve got you covered! Here is an A-Z list of great options for show and tell. Bookmark this page for future reference!

For the animals, I like to search through our stuffed animal bucket, and for the food, I have my kids sort through their play kitchen.

A to Z Show and Tell Ideas

A apple, airplane, Avengers toy, alligator, alphabet blocks, ambulance, avocado, award, artwork

B book, baby doll, ball, blanket, bat, bear, barbie, bubbles, Bob the Builder, banana, bug

C car, cat, crayons, Cookie Monster, crocodile, castle, Catboy, clown, clementine

D dinosaur, dump truck, dominoes, daisy, donkey, deer, Doc Mcstuffins, doll, doctor supplies

E egg, elephant, electric guitar, elf, engine train, eagle, earrings, Elsa

F fish, French fry, flashlight, finger puppet, family picture, farmer, fireman, feather

G goat, Go-fish game, giraffe, glasses, glove, globe, garbage truck, golf ball

H hat, hippo, helicopter, hedgehog, helmet, Hulk, horse, hammer

I insect, igloo, icepack, iguana, ice cream, ice skate, Imaginex toys

J jersey, Jurassic park toy, jaguar, jump rope, jellybeans, Jackson Storm

K kite, kangaroo, kitten, keychain, kazoo

L lego, lightsaber, llama, leprechaun, leaf, lantern, Lincoln logs

M marble run, Mickey Mouse, monster, money, Magna tiles, monster truck

N Nintendo game, ninja, Nemo, net, notebook, Nerf Gun

O octopus, owl, Oreo, Owlette (PJ Mask), Olaf

P PJ Mask toy, pajamas, pen, penny, penguin, Puppy Dog Pals, pumpkin, picture, Pete the Cat

Q queen, quarter, quilt, quarterback

R rattlesnake, race car, rocket, Rescue Bots, remote, rectangle, rooster

S superhero, sunglasses, soccer ball, shoe, school bus, stickers, Scooby Doo, Shopkins

T trains, tiger, tools, teacups, T-Rex, Tinkerbell, taxi, tractor, tow truck

U unicorn, umbrella, Uno cards

V vampire, volcano, vest, van, visor, veterinarian, velociraptor

W whale, watch, whistle, wallet, Whinnie the Pooh, walkie talkie, Wiki stix

X x-ray, letter x magnet, fox, box, T-rex

Y yo-yo, Yeti in My Spaghetti, Yeti cup, Yoshi, Yoda, Yahtzee

Z zebra, zookeeper, zoo animal, zipper, Zuma (Paw Patrol), Zingo

What show and tell items would you add to this list? 


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