Our Favorite Holiday Books


family reading christmas books Des Moines MomOne of my favorite ways to get into the holiday spirit is by bringing out all our Christmas and winter books! I know some families like to wrap 25 holiday books for the month of December and have their kids open one each day, which is such a great tradition.

We have not done that, but we take a trip as a family to the bookstore to buy a new Christmas book every year. Throughout the years, we have collected many holiday books and at the end of the season, I box them up and bring them out next year. I love watching my boys’ eyes light up, “Remember this one?!” We snuggle up and spend hours reading. Now, it is getting more special because my oldest is reading to us!

Books can teach kids about the different holidays and are an easier way for them to understand the different traditions.

Our favorite holiday books

A Simple Christmas on the Farm
This book contains directions for making 3 easy Christmas gifts.

The Snowy Day
This is a classic story of a little boy’s adventure in the snow. There is also a short movie of it on Amazon Prime. 

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
My boys love Pete the Cat!

The Night Before Christmas 
Another classic! 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas 
Here’s another one you can read and then watch! 

The Polar Express 
I like this book more than the movie. 

Construction Site on Christmas Night 
This is perfect for the truck-lover in your family. 

Happy Hanukkah, Curious George
Learn about this Jewish holiday with everyone’s favorite monkey. 

Christmas in a Manger
A sweet version of the classic Christmas story. 

My Family Celebrates Kwanzaa 
Read this and talk about other people’s traditions. 

Little Rabbit’s Kwanzaa
Learn about the true meaning of Kwanzaa.

The Legend of the Poinsettia
Read about the Mexican legend behind how the poinsettia flower came to be. 

What are your favorite holiday books? 

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