Our Favorite Des Moines Food Trucks


food trucksFood trucks have been around for a while now, but every year Des Moines gains new gems. Whether you are at an event or just roaming the town for some good eats, finding food trucks in Des Moines is easier than ever.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 11 food trucks and their specialty. Scroll through to find your craving and then hit up that truck to make it happen!

Food trucks by nature, move, so make sure you check their websites or social pages to see where they are before you head out. Even some of the trucks that have standard locations might be out at an event, so always check first!

So what are you craving…

Veggie And Vegan 

What: Veggie Thumper

Why: You need not be a vegetarian or vegan to enjoy their spin on standards like the Smokey Red Bean Burger, Bbq “Chick’n” Nachos, or Oatmeal Fudge Bar. But if you do eschew meat or dairy, this is a must-stop.

Fried Stuff With Cheese

What: Big Red Food Truck

Why: Fair food at its finest, but take it up a notch. Jumbo Walking Taco Boats and Fried Tacos are not to be missed, but also try something new like Fried Lobster Ravioli Bites or Grilled Jamaican Fish Tacos.

Crispy Crunchy Chicken

What: Charlotte’s Kitchen

Why: Juicy, tender, yet crispy chicken served on a brioche bun is already a winner. Their special sauce takes the standard sandwich to a next level. Also, try the Thai or Nashville Hot version if you love a little kick.

Melty Goodness

What: Hot Off The Presses

Why: You can’t go wrong with grilled cheeses and paninis. And this newer truck is elevating them. Try A Kick in The Cheese for a spicy, sweet spin on a classic featuring pepper jack, yellow cheese, and spicy pepper jelly.

Instagramable Tacos

What: TexMex Kitchen

Why: Birria tacos have been the darling of Instagram and this is the place to get them. Long stewed meat is piled on a corn tortilla, topped with cheese, and griddled almost like a quesadilla. Get some consomme to dip them in for extra drippy goodness!

Italian Grandma Food

What: Mema’s Italian Grinders

Why: Ginders, meatball subs, chicken parmesan sandwiches, you’ll feel like you are being fed by an Italian grandmother with any of their warm, cheesy, and meaty sandwiches. 

Brick Oven Pizza

What: 515 Pi

Why: Their standards like pepperoni are always a crowd pleaser but also try their specialties like Bacon and Blue with applewood smoked bacon, roasted poblano peppers, canalized onions, blue cheese on homemade Alfredo sauce.

BiBimBap and Bulgogi

What: Sook’s Korean Kitchen

Why: Sook’s serves authentic Korean foods like their super flavorful bulgogi bowls and sandwiches. Their seasonal bibimbap is piled high with rice, veggies, and gochujang, spicy and sweet sauce.

Insane Waffles

What: Waffle’s And Whip

Why: The fair isn’t the only place to get food on a stick! They put their liege-style waffles on a stick and top them with things like cheesecake bites, strawberries, marshmallow drizzle.


What: Whimsical Wine Trailer

Why: Seek out this cute trailer for custom-made sangrias like Cherry Pie, Bahama Mama, and Wild Berry. And make sure you get a pic in front of the floral draped trailer.

Coffee Buzz

What: Vintage Road Coffee Co

Why: Coffee, enough said! But, not only do they offer custom-made coffee drinks, grab some fresh-cut flowers, and baked goods from them too.

Want to explore all of the food trucks in town? Here is a great reference- www.foodtrucksdsm.com

What are your favorite Des Moines food trucks?


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