Organizing Your Home This Spring


woman sitting on floor organizing clothes. Home organization. Des Moines MomSpring is the perfect time to declutter and breathe new life into my home. I don’t know if it’s the taste of warmer weather or I’m simply losing my mind from too many lattes, but I’ve made it my mission to organize every square inch of my family’s humble abode.

Here are some of the products and strategies that are making this daunting task feel a little more achievable. Find more ideas for home organizing projects here

5 Home Organization Tips

1. Pick a Room

If you’re anything like me, you have about 20 tabs open in your brain at any given time. It can feel overwhelming when your entire home needs an overhaul. The key to success is picking one room or project and sticking with it until it’s complete. 

2. Empty & Purge

The most crucial step in containing any mess is to get rid of those items that are no longer serving you. As Marie Kondo would say, “Does this item spark joy?” If the answer is no, then it needs to go!

Start by taking everything out and wiping down any surfaces. Next, grab a few boxes and label them based on where the items will go. I like to have a box for nicer items I will try to consign or give to another mom friend. Anything that has been a little more loved goes into a box for donations to a local organization. Finally, designate a box for anything that is broken or non-functioning and needs to be discarded. Any items that do not belong in that space can go into a laundry basket or bin to be put away in their appropriate homes later. 

3. Make a Plan

Instead of mindlessly roaming the aisles at the Container Store, make a plan for what you want the space to look like. Take measurements and make a list of the different categories of items that need to be contained. For example, if you’re working on a playroom, you will need a separate bin for blocks, trucks, dinosaurs, etc. I also like to browse Pinterest or The Home Edit Blog for inspiration. 

4. Purchase & Contain

This is where the fun begins…it’s time to shop! With your design in mind, you can now source the storage solutions you need to bring your vision to life. The Container Store, Target, and Amazon are some of my go-to places to shop. The Home Edit also has an exclusive collection at Walmart for some more affordable organization options.

5. Label

Labeling everything is like the cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae. You can’t skip it! Now that you have everything organized and contained, it’s time to put it all away in its new home with the perfectly adhered label. Bin clip labels are my go-to for wicker baskets or you can use acrylic tags and your ribbon of choice. For glass and acrylic bins, these sticker labels are a personal favorite. For a more cost-effective option, you can also use your Cricut or a label maker.

My Favorite Products 

As a work-from-home mom of two young boys, Amazon Prime has been an absolute godsend in my home organization journey! These products are some of my favorites and are versatile enough to be used in multiple areas of your home.  

1. Stackable acrylic drawers work well to contain sponges and dishwasher pods under the kitchen sink. They are my go-to choice for organizing makeup and skincare products in the bathroom.  

2. If I had to pick one item to keep in my playroom, these mesh zipper pouches would probably be it! I went from having a mess of games and puzzles to a cabinet of neatly stacked mesh bags. All you need to do is snip the front of the box and place it in the bag with the corresponding pieces and instructions. You can also opt to label each pouch and store it in your basket of choice for a more polished look.  

3. Updating my mismatched spices to these glass spice jars was a simple project that made a huge impact in my kitchen. 

4. Wicker Baskets are wonderful for containing and concealing items. I use wicker baskets in my linen closet for hand towels, washcloths, and all of my essential oils. Plus, the labeled bins next to my white bath towels give off major spa vibes! 

5. This glass jar can be functional in almost every room of your home. Update the look of your laundry detergent storage, contain craft supplies (bonus points for color coordination!), or store dry goods in your pantry. The options are pretty much endless, making this product a definite “add to cart.” 

6. Acrylic storage bins are another product I use in multiple areas. They are my preferred bin for pantry storage and great for keeping toys corralled. 

7. Say goodbye to your junk drawer, mamas because these bamboo organizer boxes are about to change your life! Use them to organize smaller kitchen items and products in your bathroom drawers as well.   

8. Acrylic shelf dividers keep purses and sweaters upright in your closet and allow for better utilization of vertical space. This simple product makes a huge impact.

9. If you have kids in sports or hoard tumblers like me, you need this stackable bottle holder. It can also be used in your fridge to keep wine chilled and organized! 

10. I use these honeycomb drawer dividers to organize socks and underwear. They work well for onesies and baby items in a nursery dresser too. 

11. Use a Lazy Susan in a fridge or pantry for condiments and sauces. Additionally, it serves as a place to keep hair products within reach and upright under the bathroom sink.

12. These bamboo drawer dividers are expandable and help to keep kitchen utensils in order. I also like to use them in my dresser drawers to keep my Konmari-folded clothes looking neat. 

What are your home organizing goals this Spring? 

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  1. Oh i love this! I need to reorganize some closets and drawers in my home! Love the stackable drawer ideas, also the lazy susan idea!
    Definitely going to be using these ideas to get some organization in my home, thank you for the wonderful ideas!!


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