Fool-Proof Margarita Recipe for National Margarita Day


margarita recipeDid you know February 22, 2021, is National Margarita Day? Just in case you don’t believe me, here is the official site for National Margarita Day. Not that I ever need an excuse for a margarita, but I feel especially compelled to support this day by sharing my favorite margarita recipe and some of my other margarita essentials. 

I am a simple margarita gal, so most of my recommendations center around the classic lime flavor. Obviously, the easiest way to make a margarita is to crack open a ready-to-drink bottle As far as these margaritas, my favorite is the classic lime Jose Cuervo Light Margarita. I find other ready-to-drink mixes too heavy for me so I opt for the light option when I don’t feel like being a mixologist. In a pinch, this is an option that is not as heavy in calories and sugar as others. They have a few other flavors in the Light line, but the lime is my favorite.

If you are looking for easy, but have your own favorite brand of Tequila give Hair of the Dog Mixers a try. An Iowa company based in Iowa City, they have a lot of great mixer options. The original lime flavor is really good! 

Making a margarita isn’t hard. All you need is tequila, something to add flavor, and a sweetener. I have created a fairly simple margarita recipe that uses agave nectar instead of triple sec or sugar. I really like the flavor agave nectar adds to the margarita. Here is my recipe. I hope you appreciate my precise measurements…my unit of measure is a standard shot glass.

Mary’s Basic Margarita Recipe

-2 shots of tequila (approximately 2 oz)

-1 shot of lime juice (approximately 1 oz) fresh gives great flavor but ReaLime works too!

-1/4 shot of agave nectar (I use Trader Joe’s brand) add more or less to your taste

-Shake or stir to combine

-Add ice and enjoy

Sometimes I add some unflavored carbonated water to add a little fizz

If you are feeling fancy, wet the rim of your glass with water or lime juice, pour some salt or sugar on a plate or in a bowl, and dip the wet rim into the salt or sugar. If you are feeling extra fancy, add a slice of lime to the edge of your glass.

Here is a link to some other great margarine recipes.


Now, let’s talk tequila. Everyone has their own preferences; I prefer Blanco (clear) tequila for most things, margaritas included. While there is nothing wrong with any brand of tequila, including the aforementioned Jose Cuervo, two brands I enjoy when I feel like making really good margaritas are Cabo Wabo and Espolon Blanco

While I think that margarita glasses are beautiful and festive, I have had too many break to make it my everyday glass choice. Last spring I picked up some margarita-themed double-walled metal cups from Target on a whim. They are now my favorite cup for most beverages. They keep things cold for a long time. The colder the margarita the better for me so these are perfect. The ones I got at Target are no longer available but here are some I found on Amazon.  

I would love to hear about your favorite margarita recipes and any tips you may have!  Cheers!

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