Making the School Year Sweeter


The excitement for the new school year is growing in our house. We are anxious to meet our teachers and see friends again. We absolutely love our school. The teachers and administration are fantastic at keeping us informed and involved. I am so thankful that my girls have the opportunity to learn from them and to be at a school where they feel comfortable and confident as individuals.

Making the School Year SweeterThat being said, sometimes they just need their mama. They may not admit it, but they do. I know they do. They need to know that I am not having house party after house party just because they are outta here! I miss them. I love them. And I think about and pray for them daily.

Here are some ways that I try to make their school year just a little sweeter!

* Send notes in their lunch boxes.

This one is really easy and fun. Most of the time, they don’t see me place them in there. I can only imagine that when they find it, they read it secretly, with a smirk on their face, and possibly an eye roll every time they read, “Love, Mom.” I’m okay with that! I want my kids to know that they are on my mind in the middle of the day when they are sitting down for lunch.

* Show up!Making the School Year Sweeter

Whether you come to their classroom once a week to help the teacher with projects, to read to the class, to watch their presentation, or simply to pop in for lunch, just show up. I have always been met with a big grin and genuine excitement that I am there. They love when I step into their worlds and see and participate in what they are doing. Going to school is HUGE! It’s the biggest step away from mom and dad. They are learning and changing so much, and when we show up and become a part of that, they get excited.

* Make room.

Make room for them after school. They have had to control their emotions, to wait to be called on, and to wait in line all day. Let them explode with words and motions and emotions after school. And let yourself explode with joy that they’re home. Make room on your fridge for artwork and A+’s. They are so stinkin’ proud of the work they do at school. Let them show it off to everyone! Make room in their day to get homework done without too much of a headache. This sets them up for a lifetime of planning ahead and not procrastinating… hopefully! Make room for them to be a kid still. School is hard. They still need that time to get their sillies out, to be a little sassy, and to have play dates.

* Have treats for/with them after school.Making the School Year Sweeter

This one simply gives them something sweet to enjoy after a hard day at school. Even if the day was socially sweet, I’m sure they have put in a hard day’s work and they just want to sit on the couch with a cookie and tell you everything. I hope to do this one more frequently this year.

* Give them a personal day.

Or as our contributor Melanie calls them, “Mental Health Days.” I love that! I fully believe that these days are necessary. I am not saying, “Pull your kid out every Friday to go to the mall.” No, I’m saying that sometimes, our kids just need to take a day, and that’s okay. Recognize the need for this day before there’s a breakdown. I try to make sure that my kids don’t have a test or big assignment due the day I spring them from school. These days are sweet for them and for me. Some of my favorite memories from growing up were the “girls’ days” that my mom would plan for my sister and me once (maybe twice) a school year.

How do you make the school year sweeter for your kids?


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