Kitchen Organization Ideas


Kitchen organization des moines mom blogI spent a lot of time over the past year working on kitchen organization. Part of my reason for tackling this big project was watching a lot of The Home Edit show on Netflix through the pandemic as well as being frustrated our cupboards always seemed to be messy.

After channeling my inner Home Edit skills, I got out my tape measure and started measuring the space I had available in each cupboard. I went on to various websites like The Container Store and Amazon to piece together a system that would work for our family.

To complete the final “professional” appearance, I used my Cricut Joy to make the labels on the outside of the bins. While this step wasn’t totally necessary, it has proven to help family members remember where everything goes! (And I think the labels look really great too!) 

Why Did We Need Kitchen Organization? 

Besides looking nice, here are some additional perks we love from our kitchen organization projects:

  • It helps keep our cooking space clutter-free.
  • Makes it easier to find items when we need them, especially in preparing cold lunches.
  • Makes meal preparation quicker and more efficient.
  • Helps reduce food waste when we can see everything clearly.
  • I’m less stressed in the kitchen!

Here are a few projects where our kitchen organization has stood the test of time.

Storage Containers

We send cold lunches with our kids every day and it is something I definitely didn’t love to prepare. It seemed like I was scrambling every morning to get something thrown together. Having a space like this has helped me grab containers as well as pre-packaged foods like frozen mangoes or carrot sticks.


I decided to ditch the cardboard snack boxes in the cupboard and do bins. Once we bring groceries home, everything comes out of the boxes and into the storage bins. I can always see at a glance what items we’re running out of.

Kitchen organization des moines mom blog

Shelf-Stable Foods

We don’t have a pantry and it’s one of the things I dislike most about our home. I have to get creative when it comes to storing canned foods, rice, and pasta. I pre-measured my available cupboard space and then did a lot of math to come up with the bins that would fit best.

Kitchen organization des moines mom blog

I’m happy to report our cupboards have stayed just like this since the day I started my Kitchen Organization project. My daily time in the kitchen is much more peaceful! Do you have any other organizing tips or suggestions? 


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