It’s time for middle school and I’m not ready

middle school kids getting on school bus
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I am officially a Middle School Mom and it reinforces the number one thing I hate about parenting: letting them go.

One day, they’re all cute and squishy and need you to literally survive. The next? They’re rolling off to kindergarten in a big yellow bus. And, here we are at yet another milestone moment in life because it’s time for our oldest to go to middle school.

I try not to spend a lot of mental time dwelling on time passing because I know I can’t control it. A few ugly cries in the shower and I’ll get over the emotion of this middle-school moment.

But, then what? A whole lot is going to happen in the next three years. What is a middle-school mom to do?

I actually don’t know.

So, I asked my 11-year-old son.

A middle-school interview with a middle schooler

What are you most looking forward to about middle school?
“Being in the same school as all of the other kids I play baseball with. And, meeting new kids in band and orchestra. Not having the same teacher all day.”

(Fair, I can get behind this. And, it’s the sole reason we made him play more than one sport and get involved in other activities. I wanted him to know kids when he went to middle school.)

What worries you the most?
“That school might be harder and I might not understand stuff.”

(I’m not even remotely worried about this. He’s a good student and knows how to study.)

Are you worried about anything else? (BECAUSE I AM!!!!)
“I guess I haven’t really thought about middle school until a couple weeks ago.”

(Seriously? Someone might be mean to you. You might be mean to someone else. What if there’s a fight – or worse? What about all the ridiculous things that happen at lunch, in study hall and walking the hallways. Are you going to be lonely? Will you be okay?)

Do you think middle school is a big life transition?
“I mean, maybe?”

(Umm, yes. Yes, this is a big deal. You’re no longer in a cute little elementary school with first graders who love it when you read to them. You’re not in the same school as your brother. You’ll go through puberty. You’ll become incredibly sassy and probably pretty annoying. The next step is high school. You know what? I might as well just move you into a college dorm instead of drop you off at middle school because we’re basically there.)

What would you tell a mom who is going to drop you off and then go home to ugly cry in the shower?
(Laughing) “This isn’t much different than going from third to fourth grade or fourth to fifth grade.”

Well, there we have it. He’s good. This is not a big deal and he’s ready. Clearly, I am the one who needs to get it together. 

I got this, right? Just like everything up to this point in our parenting journey, time is going to march – even if I’m not ready for it to pass.

So, I’ll drop him off, give him a hug, tell him to have a great day – and then have to pull the car over on my way home because I won’t be able to see through the tears.

How did you adjust to your kids starting middle school? 


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