How to Survive Spring and Summer Sports


baseball mom spring sports des moines momIs your spring calendar packed with practices and games? As a mom of three boys, we spend A LOT of time at the ballpark. Maybe your kids are into a different spring or summer sport that keeps you busy so I wanted to share some tips that could make the season go smoother.

I have been a baseball mom for a couple years and the key to not feeling overwhelmed is staying ORGANIZED. I try to be prepared so I am not scrambling on game days and my future self thanks me.

5 Sports Mom Tips

Being prepared makes the long days go smoother BUT keep in mind there will be days when chaos ensues.

Prepare meals ahead of time

Make a double batch of your favorite meals to freeze. These meals are perfect for nights that are too hectic to cook. I like to have fresh fruits and veggies cut up and ready so the kids can grab them on their own. Sandwiches are another way to get dinner on the table quickly or try tacos in a bag, one of our favorites.

Keep the athlete’s gear ready!

Each boy has a sports bag that stays packed with everything they need for the season. For baseball: a hat, helmet, glove, Gatorade, extra clothes, cleats (kept in a two-gallon zipper bag), and a bat. This stays in the trunk so it’s never forgotten. 

Pack a bag or a wagon (this is mom’s ultimate game day bag)

Must haves: Bug spray, hand warmers, bandaids, power block for phones, umbrella, handheld fans, ponchos, wipes, trash bags, lawn chairs, first aid kit, and a weatherpod are in mine.

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Fun for the siblings

Bubbles, chalk, color book, and crayons are our favorite! Magnatiles, hot wheels, and dinosaurs to play in the dirt are other good options, and don’t forget a hat and some books. This bag also stays packed and in the vehicle.

Snacks at the fields

Freeze water bottles or sponges to use as ice packs. Use a cooler for sandwiches, go-gurts, jerky, and cheese sticks. Pack snacks in a tackle box for a variety of choices.

Throughout the many seasons, I have learned two important things: to let things go …. and to ask for help. I hope some of these tips will help you sit back and enjoy the game.

What are your sports mom tips?


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