Celebrate Your Gals on Galentine’s Day


women holding coffee mugs celebrate Galentine's DayDo you celebrate Galentine’s Day? Maybe you have no idea what it is.

The concept for the made-up holiday came from popular NBC TV show ‘Parks and Recreation.’ It was created by the character Leslie Knope, who loved to celebrate the people in her life who made up her support system. Thus, the day is all about showing appreciation, love, or affection to the women (gals) in your life who support you.

Galentine’s day is observed on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. Likely, this was so Leslie could get ahead of the sad feelings some of her single gal pals would feel on February 14.

It’s become one of my favorite holidays because you don’t have to be in any relationship, or any type of person, to celebrate women. We all rely on each other and are stronger together, so a day reserved for showing our appreciation just makes sense.

4 Easy Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Here are some suggestions on how you can celebrate the Gals in your life no matter how hectic your schedules are.

Send snail mail
It’s no secret that I love snail mail. I love picking out personalized pretty cards, buying fun stamps, and writing sweet notes. This is the go-to way to connect with your Gals for the busy mamas. You can write the cards on your own time and the sentiment can be a surprise for your friends!

Set up a lunch date or night out
Go out for drinks, or schedule a date over your lunch hours. Toast to your hard work as a tribe!

Have a night in
Cozy up in some pajamas with a glass (or box) of wine and switch on some guilty pleasure TV. That’s the magic recipe to let the conversation flow.

Host a Favorite Things Party
Des Moines Mom contributors have participated in a Favorites Things Party many times. You get to have a fun night with your gals, and go home with some fun gifts!

How to Host a Favorite Things Party with Your Friends

However you celebrate Galentine’s Day, make a point to reach out to the women in your life and thank them for all of their support. Speaking of, thank YOU for being such great people supporting each other.

Do you celebrate Galentine’s Day? 


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