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One of the best parts of 2020 was discovering the home organization show on Netflix, Get Organized With The Home Edit. I’ve shared before my love of Marie Kondo and now I wanted to share some of the super easy projects I completed last year. 

4 Home Organizing Ideas


Have you used turntables before? These are my new favorite organizing tool for every room in my house. I started with turn tables from the Container Store (yay curbside pick up!) and then found more at Home Goods and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. 

Our kitchen has really deep cupboards and things in the back are often forgotten. I started with three areas that are consistently stressful and messy in our cupboards: assorted hot tea and drink packets, spices, and under the kitchen sink. Take a look at what a difference the turn tables make! 

Home organization des moines moms city blog

Home organization des moines moms city blogHome organization des moines moms city blog

Home Office

My home office is where spend 30+ hours a week. I want my space to be clean, organized, and easy to find what I need. I bought a larger turn table and added five of my favorite coffee mugs + an IKEA plant. Each mug holds a different type of pen/colored pencil. This makes a pretty and functional display for my bookcase! 

Home organization des moines moms city blog

I also found a deep turn table that houses “back stock” of products we share with clients. 


Our master bedroom closet has always stressed me out. It seems like we spend so much time sorting, purging, folding, hanging…only to have it messy again. I can honestly say that using the tips from The Home Edit have been a game changer! 

Another one of their signature styles is arranging things in rainbow order. I did this with my t-shirt section and with my other clothes section too. 

Home organization des moines moms city blogHome organization des moines moms city blog

A surprising style tip I learned was using dividers on wire shelves. A fancy closet organization system is on my dream list but not in my budget so I had to improvise. I found these wire shelf dividers on Amazon and use them for my pants (capris, jeans, dress pants, leggings, etc.) and my husband’s pants/sweaters. 

Home organization des moines moms city blog

We are over six months since I organized these areas and they are as perfectly organized as the first day I organized them. I am thrilled to have found some systems that work for us! 

PS: Here’s a bonus photo of my son’s bookshelf in rainbow order. All of our bookshelves are now in rainbow order too! 

Home organization des moines moms city blog

What are your favorite home organizing tips? 

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