GoPeer Virtual Tutoring Helped My Daughter with Creative Writing

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There are two things I learned about my kids during the first phase of the pandemic (when they were out of school for months). First, they are incredibly creative, and second, I am a terrible home school teacher for them. LOL… OK, maybe not terrible, but I was definitely out of my element.

Now that my kids are back in school full-time, it seems like the teachers are working double-time to get everyone caught up on grade-level standards. Rigorous schedules and a room with 20+ kids leave little time for a teacher to encourage a child’s passion.

My 11-year-old daughter is a good student, but I can tell she’s been missing some of the freedom of writing her own stories that came with endless hours at home during the beginning of the pandemic. I wasn’t sure how to help her find an outlet for her creative energy, and then I found GoPeer.

GoPeer is a resource that allows families to connect online with qualified college undergraduates who are available to tutor students. It’s like facetiming with a super-smart college friend. And it was really easy to get started.

Getting Started with GoPeer 

I created an account and indicated that I wanted someone to help my daughter with creative writing. Within a few minutes, we were “matched” with three possible tutors. I read through their bios and sent chat messages to a couple of them. Then I requested a free 15-minute introductory session. (Pssst… There is a code below so you can try it for free too!)

My daughter thought it was really cool to sit and chat with a young adult and brainstorm story ideas. I was also able to sit in and offer my hopes for how these tutoring sessions would go. We made a plan for my daughter to outline her next story, then meet again with the tutor in a few days.

It didn’t take long for the creative juices to start flowing. She was writing the first part of her story that night and excited to talk to her tutor again. I love seeing that creative spark back in her eyes. And let’s be honest, she’s way more excited to share her ideas with a college kid than with her mom.

GoPeer Services

While setting up sessions for my daughter, I checked out the rest of the site. They offer tutoring on a wide variety of subjects and for all grade levels. So whether you have an elementary student who needs a little help with math or reading or a high school student who could use help with ACT prep, there are tutors for everything.

I like that I can set up sessions for a specific time and get them added to our busy calendar. But if your student is struggling with homework you can log on to GoPeer and connect with someone in real-time to talk through the problem.

Encourage Their Passion

You don’t have to wait for your student to be struggling to try GoPeer. If your child is passionate about writing, like my daughter, or mathematics, or engineering, or any subject, connect them with a tutor who can elevate their skills and help them thrive academically.

While we’re just getting started on our GoPeer journey, so far I’ve been really impressed. Our tutor was very sweet and encouraging and definitely inspired my daughter to get back into writing just for fun.

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