Girls Weekends and Why All Moms Should Take Them


girls weekendWhen was the last time you had a girls weekend away?

I am learning that taking time away from my kiddos and being on my own is important. Whether it is a night out with friends, a quick trip to the store, or a whole girls weekend away, it is important to help reset and recharge.

Girls Weekends and Why All Moms Should Take Them | Des Moines Moms Blog

A few weekends ago, my friends and I took a quick trip to Kansas City. We talked about how hard it was to leave the kids but how important it is for your mental health to just do it. We all knew that the kids and husbands would survive.

So why should you be taking a girls weekend soon?

1. You are more than a mom or wife.

You are an individual who deserves time away from the busyness of everything you do every day. Time to catch up with friends, shop for yourself, or just spend time soaking up the quietness (that is outside of your locked bathroom).

2. You have adult friends.

I have found that sometimes I just get to catch up with my friends while sitting on a bench at the softball field, at basketball games, or the lounge of the dance studio. Or all our interactions take place through text messaging. In between busy schedules and work, it’s hard to take time to focus solely on my friendships outside of being a mom.

Girls_Trip_23. Getting outside of your city is exciting.

We took a trip to Kansas City and hit up some spots that aren’t local to the Des Moines metro. It is fun to get out and see something you only see in magazines, shop at stores that you only get online, and eat at places where you wouldn’t normally take the kiddos.

4. Your husband can handle it.

Trust me. He is a parent, too, not a babysitter. He is capable of handling the kiddos on his own. While gone, we got several funny text message questions from our husbands that made us wonder what we would come home to. But everyone made it, and the houses (and furniture) survived.

5. It reminds you how much you love and miss your family.

That seems strange, right? Get away to remind you why you are leaving? Whenever I travel for work, I remember how much I love sharing food with my kiddos or chatting with my husband while making dinner. So when I come home, those moments are special. It is refreshing to take the time away, but coming home is even better.

Girls_trip_3Being in the Des Moines area, we have the capability to take quick trips to a ton of fun places. Head east to Chicago, west to Omaha, north to Minneapolis, or south to Kansas City. On our drive home, we were already planning when and where we would take our next girls trip.

So whether it is a day trip or a long weekend away, I encourage all moms to spend some time with their girlfriends and take that trip!

What do you love about taking a trip with your friends, and where are you headed to next?



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