Genius Indoor Activities


kid with cardboard rocket. indoor activities Baby it’s cold outside! Or rainy, or you’re just about to lose it! Or it is that time of day where the kids are constantly picking on each other and no activity is keeping them occupied. 

It is time for your secret weapon. 

Genius Kid Distractions

An activity or item that will get them engaged and keep them interested for more than three minutes. An activity is like magic. I like to play it up and get my boys hyped.

Kitchen Tongs

First up is the snapper trapper aka a kitchen tong. My kids think it’s the coolest thing ever! I have a few different sizes and colors. For the simplest task, have your kids practice picking up small objects and putting them into a container. Sometimes I use fun colored pom poms, ping pong balls, or even marbles. For even more fun, I have my boys use the largest tong to pick up clothes. I set up laundry baskets and make it a race. What kids don’t love a competition?


Don’t throw out the box from your latest amazon delivery. It could entertain your kids for hours! Save big boxes for desperate times. I have my kids round up any toy cars, trucks, or trains. Then I quick grab a marker and make some roads. For an added bonus, add some blocks or even legos for buildings. Now quick, exit the area and let their imaginations take over.

Wrapping Paper

Who doesn’t have wrapping paper around? Unroll it and use the white side to trace their bodies. I keep stickers, yarn, googly eyes, and old buttons in a small tub. My boys are old enough they don’t need much direction so this is where I heat up my coffee for the second time, sit back and watch them create wonderful self-portraits.

Floor is Lava!

I yell, “Floor is Lava” at the most random time! It is great to see my boys jump onto the closest object. I let my boys use pillows and other objects to play this fun game.

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Indoor Picnic

How about a picnic in the garage?!? Strange? Nope! I park my car in the driveway and do a quick cleanup. Then I make a kids charcuterie board and grab the remote control cars and spend time out of the house without actually leaving.

We also like to do bowling with pop bottles/cans. Sometimes I even stack them up and let them shoot them with nerf guns.

More ideas

Water beads, kinetic sand, paint, streamers, shaving cream, colored rice and marshmallows are items I also keep in a secret spot for these days!

Finding an activity that fits your kids’ personalities will be trial and error but keeping some simple items will come in handy for that snow day or the times they are at your feet at every turn. Keeping the set up super simple and quick is key.

What are your go-to indoor activities? 


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