Des Moines Staycation, Couple’s Edition


couple in front of mural in Des MoinesWho loves a good vacation? How about a staycation? Each year my partner and I take a mini reprieve from all responsibilities. Together he and I map a loose itinerary for a 4 to 5 day childless vacation. What do we want to do? Relax and make sure time is on our side.

In the past my partner, Eric, and I have driven to Memphis, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Kansas City. A couple of years ago we took a vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico. But instead  of traveling this year we decided we’d rather to stay home. Or how about staycate? Yes, staycate. Our new digs would play the part of Airbnb and our intuition would be the guide. 

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Des Moines Staycation

Day One

On the first day of our staycation Eric and I dropped our kids at my mom’s. At 10 am my mom was ready for our kid crew of three! We said goodbye to our kids then we were off!

That morning we decided to head to Tupelo Honey. We enjoyed their famous buttermilk biscuits and on trend ambience. We were people of few words, feeling odd without our children asking us questions or leaning on our shoulders. 

After brunch Eric and I decided to stop at Horizon Line Coffee. I love Horizon Line for their curated coffee drinks, clean aesthetic, and ultra kind baristas. They do a tremendous job connecting with community and showing love for various social causes. Eric and I tried a couple of their season drinks – the Sporola (espresso, house made cola, and orange slice) and Western Skies (apple, orange, lemon, lime, pomegranate, cinnamon, black tea, sparkling water). Divine!

Once we grabbed our drinks, we drove to Gray’s Lake to walk around the trail. On our stroll Eric and I were able to loosen up. We talked about our lives, interests, and plans for the next few days. After our forty-five minute jaunt we went home to take a nap. An uninterrupted, guilt free, slobbery nap! 

That evening Eric and I decided to eat vegetarian BLT’s and sip kombucha. We sat on our patio and enjoyed one another’s company. Instead of rushing to get made-up and eat at another restaurant we prepared a meal for ourselves, sat outside until dark, then rented Everyone Everywhere All At once (which I highly recommend)! 

Day Two

We woke up late and it was glorious! Our bodies needed rest. After we chilled for a significant amount of time, Eric decided to work on a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle while I – gasp – cleaned – and caught up on some home projects.

That evening Eric grabbed some artwork for me from Facebook Market Place and a margarita pizza from Gateway Market. Pizza from Gateway is our favorite!

Day Three

Our busiest day! We woke up early and headed to Zanzibar Coffee, our coffee shop staple. Zanzibar has the best steamed eggs in town. I usually order an iced oat milk latte and the eggs expresso. We sat outdoors and enjoyed our breakfast. We made friends with a woman and her pup, visiting about the busy Des Moines Farmer’s Market she had just come from. 

After our coffee date  Eric and I headed to Inner Space Des Moines. You guys, I’m obsessed! I highly recommend utilizing their services. Eric and I had an appointment to relax in their Salt Lounge. The staff at Inner Space were very accommodating and informative. 

Upon entering the Salt Lounge, Eric and I swapped our street shoes for Inner Space slippers. We were led down a hallway to the salt room where we were hit with a gentle mist of sea salt. The floor of the room was covered in Himalayan salt and five zero gravity chairs sat empty. Calm yoga inspired instrumental music played as we made our way to the chairs. We were offered weighted blankets and noise canceling headphones. I took both. The room was lit with a gentle purple glow and a beautiful sea salt wall was backlit as well. Eric and I sat in these comfortable chairs for fifty minutes. The fifty minutes felt like five. 

Our experience was wonderful! I can’t wait to go back and experience Inner Space again. Then we headed to Copy + Paste DSM to purchase a birthday gift for my daughter.

In the evening Eric and I got ready for dinner at a new to us restaurant, La Familia. We met with two other couples for a quaint night with fried tacos, drinks, and mocktails. 

Once we finished dinner, we headed to our friend’s house for drinks and mocktails. We stayed out late chatting fireside, enjoying the company of introverted men and ambivert women. 

Day Four

We woke to a hot, muggy day and decided to take a walk on the Clive Greenbelt Trail, minutes away from our house. The Clive Greenbelt offers many trails for runners, bikers, and walkers. Along the way we visited the Clive Greenbelt goats and sat on a bench near a stream. The two hour walk left us, and our dog Monk, sweaty and satisfied.

After Eric and I arrived home we decided to stay in for the remainder of the day. The heat and busy day prior had us worn out.

That evening Eric and I decided our staycation was perfect! We were glad we had incorporated elements of fun, friends, exercise, productivity, and relaxation. We threw rigidity out the window, and lived life more gracefully. 

I highly recommend a Des Moines staycation with your mate! Eric and I made sure gratitude and mindfulness played a large part in our mini reprieve. Instead of reaching for new and shiny experiences or things, Eric and I enjoyed what we already had within reach and without interruption!

Have you ever done a Des Moines Staycation?


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