Abbey Kennedy

Abbey Kennedy
Hello! My name is Abbey Kennedy. I am a sober enneagram four, unschooling femme raising three kids and a dog. I’m also a wife to a software engineer by day, musician by night. I love spending time with my family, my friends, and myself. Walks in nature, works of art, eclectic environments give me life! I also love a good oat milk latte, podcasts for days, writing, self-reflection, dancing, and laughing. Humor steals the show! You can find me on Instagram as @velvet_gazelle.
adhd in parenting. Des Moines Mom

ADHD : A Parent-Child Combo

When my child was 11 years old I noticed their anxiety taking hold of them in a way I hadn’t seen before. I knew something wasn't right. During the pandemic, the first week of online...
local book stores in Des Moines Reading In Public

Our Favorite Local Bookstores in and around Des Moines

Who doesn’t love a good local bookstore? The scent of a bookstore alone is heaven. Seriously, the smell of books in one space can cure all sorts of anxiety. You don’t even need to...
women in pool girls getaway Des Moines Mom

5 Reasons You Need a Girls Getaway

Recently I went on a fantastic girls getaway with my book club. We headed to Palm Springs for a mini vacation (without kids or husbands). Plane tickets were a steal and our combined cash...
woman leaning on kitchen counter looking at smart phone. Saving my life

6 Things Saving My Life

After a busy holiday season we enter the quieter winter months. I appreciate the mental solitude gifted each new year! Taking the chance to take a mental breath then recollaborate is like stretching for...
holiday traditions Des Moines Mom

Shaking Up Holiday Traditions

Let’s talk holiday traditions. Everyone has a few, right? Growing up I remember going to two houses for Thanksgiving. First we would go to my dad’s parents and then to my mom’s. Thanksgiving was a...
suburbs Des Moines Mom

Moving to the Suburbs, What I Love and Miss

Last fall my family and I moved from Des Moines proper to the suburbs. This was something we never thought we would do, but alas here we are. Near big box stores yet tucked...
des moines mural. Des Moines Mom

Des Moines Staycation, Couple’s Edition

Who loves a good vacation? How about a staycation? Each year my partner and I take a mini reprieve from all responsibilities. Together he and I map a loose itinerary for a 4 to...
summer solstice. Des Moines Mom

3 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Each year I get excited about the summer and winter solstices. Then I make a mental note that “next year my family and I will celebrate.” But what is a mental note without a...
woman on bed with popcorn watching movie. Des Moines Mom

Movies for Moms

The art of cinema and television are wonderful aids for personal reflection. Actors and actresses give us the ability to identify our past, present, and future. Their work helps us interact with our sense...
two kids sitting back to back on screens. screen time. Des Moines Mom

How Our Family Does Screen Time For Kids

I am one mom in a vast sea of moms and dads whom holds an opinion on the screen plus child combination. Social media platforms, games, art, information, music, shopping, tutorials, streaming services, recipes,...