In my house it never fails....  I'm making dinner, or folding laundry, or doing dishes, or... or... or....  And one of my girls will ask, "Mom, can you read a book to me?"  As a mom, we all like...
Today marks the official beginning of Des Moines Moms Blog. We are thrilled and humbled to introduce this to our community.  Our goal is to connect local Moms with each other and with valuable resources in this amazing place we...
Des Moines Moms Blog Begins 10.29.12: Our Mission is to connect local mamas and encourage everyone to get out and experience our awesome Community!  We hope to become a central source of information, resources, friendship, local happenings and more! We will...

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Des Moines Preschool and Early Childhood Education Guide

Looking for early education and preschool options for your child? Des Moines Mom Preschool and Early Childhood Education guide will help you find the right school for your family.