Busy Mom’s Fall Capsule Wardrobe


The most common thing I hear women say about their wardrobe is, “every day I go to my closet where I have a ton of clothes, but can never find anything to wear!” I used to struggle from this exact problem myself. Being a style blogger and wardrobe consultant, you would think I would be immune to this problem. Wrong! Being apart of the fashion industry I often feel the need to consume more each season to stay current and relevant, and that would lead to a closet full of random pieces that didn’t necessarily function as wardrobe, more like a hodgepodge of stuff that seemed to take up a lot of space and cause chaos and confusion every-time I set foot in my closet.

I decided I had enough of the clutter, & decided to try a capsule wardrobe.

5 years ago I decided I had enough of wasteful buying, having a closet full of clothes I never wore, I didn’t love, and subsequently ended up giving away. So I decided to try creating a capsule wardrobe. In case you are not familiar with what exactly a capsule wardrobe is, it’s a set number of clothes, shoes & accessories that mix and match to create many different outfits. Typically, you create a seasonal capsule wardrobe and wear it for 3 months (fall, winter, spring, summer). Then at the end of those 3 months, you update it for the next season. A capsule is mostly made up of basics and classic pieces that are not super “trendy”, thus being able to mix and match them with everything in your wardrobe.

Less stuff in my closet, easier to get dressed, and not overbuying!

I loved this idea of having less stuff in my closet, making it easier to get dressed each day, and not over buying each new season. So many times I would give away pieces in my closet that had only been worn a few times, or never, making it clear to me that I was not buying pieces that I truly loved or investing in versatile items.

Creating a capsule wardrobe meant taking the time to plan what to fill my closet with each season, then purposefully shopping. I place a high priority on quality, fit, and invest in pieces I feel amazing in and would wear season after season. Then I take into account my lifestyle (work at home mama) and phase of life (busy mom of littles, who also works in fashion). I only brought items that passed this test into my closet. No longer having the shopping philosophy that just because it is on sale, I should buy it! Does this sound like you? Can you relate to my story?

If you want to create a versatile, easy to wear fall capsule wardrobe, start with these 10 pieces.

  • Black skinny jeans
  • Straight leg jeans
  • Black joggers
  • Basic white top
  • Graphic tee
  • Stripe long sleeve top
  • Cozy cardigan 
  • Statement jacket (denim/military jacket or blazer) 
  • Chelsea boots
  • White sneakers

For more easy fall outfit ideas, and capsule wardrobe tips, make sure you follow my blog The Haute Homemaker.


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