I Love Being a Baseball Mom


baseball sitting on field. Baseball mom. Des Moines MomAs a mom of three boys, I have become a baseball mom. My Saturdays are spent at the baseball fields, and I love every minute of it. The season starts with a family outing for new gear. Before that, though, I spend time checking what can be used from the previous season.  The younger boys get excited to use their big brothers hand-me-downs. (a mom win) Baseball may be for the kids, but I never forget about a new baseball bag for myself. This could be one of the most important pieces to the season.

Once the schedules come out, I make sure to get practices and games on our calendars and invite family to the games. The wagon we used to use for fun adventures is now our locker room on wheels! I make sure each of the boys’ baseball bag stays packed so things don’t get lost. On game nights, we have a quick dinner and load up as a family. Both my husband and I feel it is important for our boys to support each other. They cheer on their brothers from the bleachers. Learning the game happens both on and off the field.

More than a Game

Baseball isn’t just about the game, though. These boys learn so much more! It is a team sport, which teaches the boys teamwork at a young age. Baseball builds great hand eye coordination, too, but most importantly, my boys are learning to accept failure. Not every game will result in a win. This is a good thing! Learning resilience at a young age will motivate them to do better.

Off the field, the families are building a bond as well. We spend time together during the games and really get to know each other. It is great to see the young siblings playing together in the dirt.  

The Mom Bag

You may have wondered why I needed a mom bag. One word. SNACKS. These boys can get hangery. Cheese sticks, beef jerky, energy balls, fruit, crackers, and smoothies are our favorites. My baseball mom bag of choice this season: BOGG bag. I love that it is waterproof, durable, comes in different sizes, and is stylish. I also carry small toys, crayons, and a notebook if the boys get antsy.

We are making so many memories throughout baseball season and the biggest is the time spent with their dad as their coach. My husband is passionate about the game and devoted to helping our boys find love in the game. This time spent together will forever be cherished, and it melts my mom heart to see this bond.  

Time to hit a home run!


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