7 Ways to Get Ready for Back to School


yellow backpack with school supplies. Back to School. Des Moines MomThe first word that comes to mind when August arrives is school. This was reinforced when I walked into the store and saw the brightly colored bins of school supplies already lining the aisles. 

7 Ways to Prep for Back to School

Getting back into the swing of things for school brings both anxiousness and excitement to moms and kiddos. A helpful hint: START EARLY.

Get your calendars ready

I’m a visual momma who loves to see the monthly calendar displayed in my entry way so I take the time to copy everything into one place (show and tell, lunch menu, Letter days, snack person, early outs/late starts, practice schedule, dinner menu) This really helps my mind declutter.

Back to school shopping

Check if last years’ supplies, clothes, shoes, and bags will work for this school year and make a list before heading out. Take advantage of tax-free weekend, August 6-7. Don’t forget to label your new items.

Designate an area for lunch boxes and bags

This is a great idea so when kids come home they know where their stuff goes and can find everything in the morning. I also have a place for the kids to put any important papers for me and a ‘home’ for school library books.

Set morning and bedtime routines

Practice! Start before school starts by waking up at your needed time and going through the morning routine. (wake up, eat breakfast, brush teeth and hair, get backpack, put on shoes) I try to get my kids to do these tasks independently, so I can prepare breakfast and lunches. We even drive to the building to get acclimated with their drop off spot. 

At our house, our bedtime routine is: bathe, book, and bed. The key is to keep it simple and consistent. This will help destress your child and make that first day of school less hectic.

Find before/after school care

This can be one of the trickiest tasks to complete before school starts. Some schools offer a program for students, which is great. Otherwise find a neighbor, a friend, or sitter who can help with the kids while you’re working.

Designate a study area

I create a work bin that has paper, pencils, marker, scissors, and glue ready for homework time. Other things may be a number line, ruler, or protractor for older kiddos. This way everything they need is in one place. We have a homework time as well and try to keep it the same each night.

Celebrate the start of the year

We do this with ice cream the night before school starts and a picture on the front steps on the first morning. I like to get my kids excited for the new year!

How does your family get ready for back to school? 


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