5 Ways to Raise a Reader


little boy sitting on floor reading a book

I love to read! As a mom, I hope this is a quality I pass along to my kids. From the time they were babies, I have done what I can to raise them to be readers. 

5 ways to help your child become an avid reader

Start young

Reading aloud to your baby will give them more words to communicate. Continuing to read to your child as they grow, has great value! Their vocabulary increases and it improves their listening skills. Keep books where your kids can access them independently. Have a small book box for each kid with their favorite books.

Find books related to their interests

Help kids find books about things they really enjoy to motivate them to read. Often times kids pick books based on the illustrations, so explaining different genres is important. Kids can love both fiction and nonfiction books.

Make reading part of your daily routine 

Try reading time in the afternoons during quiet time or reading before bed. Each kiddo could pick a book to be read aloud during this time. Or take turns who gets to pick the book for that day. Once your kid is a fluent reader, they cab read to their younger siblings, a pet, or even a stuffed animal.

Model reading

During that set reading time, make sure you read as well. It is important for kids to see even adults like to read. Try grabbing some blankets and snuggling in, but make sure to choose an actual book instead of reading on any electronics.

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Make reading fun

Get your kids a Library Card or visit local bookstores. Make sure to get a book for yourself, too. Rotate books depending on the season or holiday. Other fun ideas are Wonder Books, that read the stories to kids, or a Tonis Box or Moonlight.  

The best way to raise an avid reader is to spend time reading with your kids!


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