Top 5 Consignment Tips


woman looking at clothes on hangers. Consignment tips. Des Moines MomWho wants to get rid of all the children’s clothes that don’t fit or have been sitting in a closet too long? Most moms have those piles of clothes we meant to get rid of or donate. I get rid of 85% of my kids’ clothes through consigning at a local sale. 

Each consignment company is different in regards to what they have the seller provide. Some require the clothing and items are hung while others must be presented in a uniform way. Check their website for sale-specific information.

5 Consignment Tips

Here are consignment tips and tricks I have learned through my years of consigning. 

  1. Take Inventory 
  2. Start Small
  3. Get Help 
  4. Look in Boxes 
  5. Have Fun and Volunteer

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Take Inventory 

Find a sale that fits your needs and has a time frame that works for your schedule. Give yourself time to find the items you want to sell. It can be hard to part with sentimental items, but the reward of reducing the clutter is tremendous! Look for books, toys, bedding, clothes, games, puzzles, shoes, and even large items. Those can include bikes, cribs, outside toys, or pack n plays. 

Start Small

Find a few toys, books, and clothes to tag for your first sale. In particular, look for the books your children haven’t looked at in the past month. Or the toys that they have outgrown. Clothes are easy to consign. Grab a few shirts and last years’ shorts. Maybe a pair or two of shoes. Make it simple and start small.

Get Help

Find a friend to tag items with! It’s always more fun to tag with someone else. Jump on Zoom or FaceTime and have a little party while you tag. Grab all your supplies (ex. safety pins, hangers, zip ties, resealable bags, a printer, and scissors). Then if you have questions you can ask each other or email/message a sale leader to figure out the answer. Most sales have Facebook groups you can join. These are a great place to connect with seasoned consignors. Use their knowledge and resources to help you on your consigning journey. 

Look in Boxes 

I have opened a box and found a treasure trove of items to sell. The extra party supplies from the last birthday party can be packaged up together and sold as a set. Sell the Halloween costumes or bathing suits that don’t fit anymore. Three years ago we moved and I packed up my son’s baby toys. Fast forward to last year and I found the box and was able to make $200 selling all the toys and baby items I had for him. You have things around your house that will sell! 

Have Fun and Volunteer

Consignment sales are a lot of fun! When you volunteer to help at the sale, you get a first look at all the items being sold. Plus you get to work with new people and make lasting connections. I look forward to seeing the ladies I work with every March and September. They are some of the hardest working mamas I know and likewise; I am always having fun with them. 

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Above all, the best part of consigning is getting to see all the items leave your house. And the paycheck you get when the items are sold. In addition, some sales give the seller the choice to donate any leftover items to a charity. A small amount of work to prepare your items turns into a massive benefit for you and your family. 

What’s your favorite consignment sale in the metro? Share any consignment tips you have for new consignors! 

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