20 Outdoor Activities for Spring


It’s finally spring! I love being able to send my kids outside to play and burn off some energy.

Here’s a big list of outdoor activities for you if you’re stuck in a rut of what to do. Hopefully these will help beat your cabin fever!

20 outdoor activities

  1. Make s’mores. Whether it’s over your grill or your fire pit, it’s a great excuse to make some tasty treats! Pro tip: use Girl Scout Cookies like Caramel Delights or Thanks A Lots or other non-traditional ideas instead of graham crackers and chocolate!
  2. Plant seeds. Find a pot or a spot in your yard to plant something. It could be an herb, a flower, or a vegetable. Lettuce and carrots are easy to grow vegetables.
  3. Make hopscotch on your sidewalk. This classic game doesn’t disappoint and it can also help your younger kiddos practice their numbers! Here are other ideas of things you can to do with chalk.
  4. Make a racetrack with chalk. Turn your driveway into a race track where your kids can have scooter or foot races. Have them help design the starting line.
  5. Draw pictures on an elderly neighbor’s sidewalk. Being stuck inside can get old, so give your neighbors something pretty to look at while they look out the window.
  6. Go for a hike. Take a family hike at a local park. We have enjoyed hiking at Brown’s Woods lately. Here are some other local outdoor spaces to explore.
  7. Have an outdoor scavenger hunt. This can be accomplished in your own yard or on a hike. There are some great lists out there including this one and this one.
  8. Set up a tent. If you have a tent, now is a great time to set it up in the yard. It might be chilly some nights, but it also would make a great daytime escape or place to read or play that is out of the house.
  9. Blow bubbles. Let the kids chase them and pop them! You can even make your own bubble solution with this recipe.
  10. Paint. Any paint project can be done outside. Put down an old blanket or sheet you don’t mind getting dirty and keep the paint mess outside. Decorate rocks with paint. Paint your kid’s name on big paper. Paint with squirt guns. Make your own nature paint brushes.
  11. Hide things in the yard for your kids to find. Bring out the Easter eggs early, hide action figures, whatever seems fun. You can even have your kids take turns hiding things.
  12. Make a fairy garden. Find a spot by your favorite tree and make a fairy garden with small figurines and pretty rocks.
  13. Wash toys. Bring out a tub of water and let the kids go wild with soap washing their favorite cars or plastic toys!
  14. Wash the car. Even if they don’t do a great job, they’ll have fun!
  15. Design an obstacle course. Use sticks (and spray paint if you don’t mind paint on your grass). Design a course of things for your kids to go around. You can even have them climb under or over chairs or other outdoor toys. You can also make a maze using sticks.
  16. Have a mud kitchen. Bring out some old bowls, water, and cooking utensils and let the kids make mud pies. Just be ready for clean up after!
  17. Hammer stuff. Let your kids hammer rocks and discover what’s inside. Or freeze things in water and let them hammer to get them out like this.
  18. Make a bird feeder. Not only will this be fun to make, but it will also be fun to watch as birds enjoy it! Here are 15 bird feeder ideas.
  19. Play old school games. Think about the games you played growing up like “Red Light, Green Light,” “What Time is it Mr. Fox?,” or even potato sack races!
  20. Make nature rubbings. Have you ever make leaf rubbings or tree bark rubbings?

What other outdoor activities would you add to the list?

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