10 Documentaries to Watch Right Now!


10 documentaries to watch right nowThere are so many good documentaries out there. Whenever I think about my obsession with documentaries, I think about that amazing meme; it goes something like this: Field trips are wasted on kids. Imagine getting a whole day off work, AND you get to learn about how lighthouses work?!

Yes, learning about all of the things seems to be so much more fun when you don’t have to do it, am I right?!

10 Documentaries To Watch

The Way Down – If you like a good soapy culty church drama, this one is for you! This documentary covers Gwen Shamblin, (don’t look her up just yet I want you to be surprised when you see her for the first time!), and her church. It’s got a killer ending!

Kid 90 – Did you grow up in the ’80s/’90s? If so, this documentary will break your heart. This is a documentary by Soleil Moon Frye, yes, Punky Brewster! It is a collection of her home videos as well as interviews with celebrities during this time. It’s really good.

LuLaRich – This documentary about the owners of LuLaRoe is so incredibly captivating. It has four parts, and even though I finished it, I would 100000% watch another 4 episodes; there is just SO much crazy!

The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley – Holy moly, this documentary about Elizabeth Holmes is unbelievable. If you like a good Ponzi scheme with a side order of medical madness, this documentary is for you.

WeWork Or The Making And Breaking Of A 47 Billion Dollar Unicorn – I did not know anything about WeWork, I mean, I’m not sure how I missed it, but this documentary will fill you in and also make you wonder how you, too can create billions out of nothing!

Fyre – This documentary goes into great detail on how the Fyre festival we all couldn’t afford to go to, blew up in everyone’s faces. I watched both documentaries because I couldn’t get enough!

Formula 1: Drive To Survive – I do not like car races. I do not like anything about cars. But I 10000% love this documentary. And again, I want to know how I, too, can create a multibillion-dollar business that doesn’t actually make any money…

The Captain – Full disclosure, I love Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees. So, even if this documentary was complete crap, I would watch it a thousand times over. 

The Last Dance – Even if you don’t like Michael Jordan, this documentary is spectacular. I don’t really care one way or the other about him or basketball, but again I’m a sucker for learning, so this definitely hit the mark!

My Octopus Teacher – If you don’t mind completely losing your mind over an octopus, then this documentary is for you! It is such good storytelling, and I learned so much about the life of an octopus. Nature is SO COOOL!

I hope this list helps you fill in the gaps of your regularly scheduled shows! And if you have a documentary recommendation – let me know! I’m ALWAYS up for another show!


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