Two Goldfish Swimmers, Two Different Stories + A FREE Class

This post is sponsored by Goldfish Swim School, however all opinions are my own.

A Tale of Two Goldfish Swimmers and Two Wildly Different Stories

I have two children with very different personalities and levels of athleticism. Both came from the same gene pool, but you couldn’t prove it if you asked their teachers at school! So when it comes to learning to swim, these differences become very apparent. Both of my children love attending their weekly swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School, but they have decidedly different abilities and approaches to swimming.

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The Ace Swimmer

My son, Lucan, is competitive, driven, and lives by the mantra #inittowinit. So when he arrives at Goldfish Swim School, he’s there to be the best swimmer he can be and try and conquer as many strokes, skills, and techniques as humanly possible for a nine-year-old. We started lessons at the end of February and with one giant pause in the middle (thanks covid-19), Lucan has tested out of three different levels in less than ten weeks of lessons. With small class sizes (he’s usually in a class by himself with one-on-one instruction from a teacher), he has excelled and been given the opportunity to sail through skill after skill. Not only is he being taught swimming essentials, but he’s also been given the confidence that this is something he excels at!

The Reluctant Swimmer

My daughter, Gracelyn, is an entirely other story. When she arrives at her weekly Goldfish swimming lessons, she’s there to splash and get wet. While she’s not afraid of swimming, she’s there more to have a good time in the water and less about winning an Olympic gold medal. As a result, she’s still in the same level as she started in but she’s improving and learning a lot. Her instructor is patient, always has a big smile on his face, and never seems irritated he can’t get this tiny five-year-old girl to the next swim level.

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The Momma Behind the Swimmers – Why I love Goldfish Swim School

  • The instructors. I love that each instructor has my children’s best interest at heart. Each instructor is unfailing kind, patient, skilled, and seems to genuinely enjoy their jobs. They meet each of my children where they are at in their swimming skills.
  • The facilities. But beyond loving the instructors, Goldfish Swim School’s facilities are unmatched. They feature a next-level clean building with individual changing rooms, showers for rinsing off, and socially-distanced parent viewing areas. While some amenities have had to be shelved during this time of covid-19, Goldfish Swim School is 100% the best experience I’ve had with swimming lessons (and trust me my family has taken lessons at three other places).
  • Indoor lessons. I never really considered how much of a blessing in disguise indoor swimming lessons are until my son pointed it out to me. Because we both can recall the number of times lessons have been canceled due to inclement weather. I also vividly remember countless times where my children have stood shivering by the side of the pool because of chilly Iowa weather.
  • Scheduling. Can I get an amen to how hard it is to find a consistent date and time, week after week for lessons? When I’ve had to rearrange class times, the staff at Goldfish has been understanding and accommodating with makeup tokens.
  • Safety. There is always a dedicated lifeguard on duty whose only job is to patrol the side of the pool, keeping a watchful eye over the swimmers. I really, really like this.

How Goldfish Has Adapted to Current Times

  • All shared surfaces are disinfected. The viewing area chairs bathrooms and changing huts are cleaned after each use.
  • Students have their own designated equipment and seat in their classes.
  • Smaller class sizes allow students to sit further apart during class.
  • Lanes have been widened to 12 feet across allowing for additional space between students.
  • The viewing area chairs are spaced to maintain social distancing.
  • Everyone entering the facility is asked to wear a mask. Staff wears masks with the exception of lifeguards. Swim instructors wear face shields.

Free Class

Des Moines Mom readers are invited to enjoy a free trial class if you mention Des Moines Mom. Must book by your class by August 31. Register here.


3771 86th Street, Urbandale, IA 50322

Without a doubt, my family has enjoyed their swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs swimming lessons!

goldfish swim school

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