Read Early, Read Often

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read with kidsYou probably know it is reading to your child is important. Did you know starting earlier is better?

From the day they are born, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers develop language skills and pre-literacy skills every day that help them become readers. It is an exciting and critical time of learning!

New Horizon Academy knows how important reading is and has almost 50 years of supporting their youngest learners to develop reading skills.

Tips for Reading With Your Baby

read with kidsHere are a few easy to implement hints and tips to read with your baby:

  • Read together every day.
  • Hold your baby in your lap and snuggle while you read.
  • Point to pictures and say the names of what you see on the page. Talk about what’s happening
  • Choose soft books, or board books, with big pictures. Let your baby touch the book to allow your child to explore different textures.
  • Read the story again! Repetitive reading offers a plethora of benefits for developing pre-literacy skills (comprehension, fluency, pattern and rhythm, vocabulary and word recognition, and much more.)

By implementing these simple tips into your daily routine, you are helping your baby become a reader.

At-Home Reading Activities for Families

New Horizon has launched a weekly go-to resource for fun and educational learning activities, including recommended books by age group. You will find new age-appropriate activity plans each week. The lessons are designed around the latest brain research and include developmentally appropriate and engaging activities to support development in all early learning domains.

These fun at-home activities can be done at any time, with materials found in most homes. The activities require only 5–30 minutes, which allows you flexibility with your schedule. You can help turn any time into learning time.

You can find these learning guides on our website at

These guides are updated every Monday.

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